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Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Provide MLS with Star Power: David Beckham

Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been rumored to be leaving the Manchester United to play for the LA Galaxy, and now David Beckham said it’s the kind of move that will boost Major League Soccer’s credibility.

Beckham recounted his own experience when he left Real Madrid to play in the US for the LA Galaxy. The 42-year-old said that he took a big gamble for his career back then because the MLS wasn’t as established then as it is now.

In the end, he credited the decision for giving him another challenge and for making him a better player and person.

“If talented players like him come into this league, it can only add to the strength and success of what this league can achieve,” he said.

With that said, however, Beckham quickly added that he hoped Ibrahimovic would stay in Manchester United at the moment. Maybe in the future, if the 36-year-old would go to the MLS, then any of the teams in the US soccer league would welcome him being “one of the best players” in Europe.

If all the rumors are true, then Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho would be the last person to prevent that from happening. In fact, he said they are prepared to cooperate and negotiate with the other teams to “create conditions” for the successful transfer.

“But Zlatan told me he wants to recover and feel ready to help the team,” he said.

Right now Ibrahomic is still recovering from a serious knee injury as he only played six games since being activated in November. The last time he played was in late December in the game against Burnley.

Mourinho said that the former captain of the Sweden national team is working very hard to get healthy. “He is in a moment of trying to feel really ready for demands of Premier League football,” the executive added.

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