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YouTube Celebrities Logan Paul and KSI to Fight Each Other in Boxing Match

Famous American vlogger Logan Paul is set to fight British You Tuber KSI later this summer. The boxing match between the two non-professional boxers is becoming a trend over YouTube personalities who would like to settle online brawls.

KSI, Olaijide Olatunji in real life, is a 24-year-old rapper, a gaming fanatic, and a comedian from the UK. He started the trend back in his homeland when he fought with another British rapper last Feb. 3. You Tubers quickly picked up the sensational fight amassing more than a million views.

The British rapper, who also goes by the name of “JJ”, revealed that he would like Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul to be next in the ring. Both parties released several videos bashing each other with Paul finally deciding to fight KSI.

Paul even went to suggest both their fathers fight in the boxing ring, Greg Paul and KSI’s 58-year old father, Jidi. Young Post covered the news with the American vlogger saying, “That would be crazy, your entire family versus mine. He also said he was willing to fight the British rapper without wearing a headgear for protection.

The American YouTuber has more than 15 million viewers and caters mostly to young adults and teens. He recently came under fire from a post where he featured a dead body of a person who committed suicide in the Japanese “suicide” mountain.

The video has been put down with him releasing a statement on Twitter saying, “I did it because I thought I could make a positive ripple on the internet, not cause a monsoon of negativity.”

With over 18 million viewers, KSI is known for making derogatory remarks about women. The fight between the two YouTube stars is expected to be one of the most anticipated amateur boxing of all time.