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Young Bucks Challenging Tiger Woods Don’t Realize How Good He Was

Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy, these are just some of golf’s big names and considered young bucks who want their shot at a peak with Tiger Woods.

With four tournaments under his belt after his spinal fusion surgery, Woods is actually playing a lot better than first thought. In Valspar Championships, for instance, he was just one stroke behind eventual winner Paul Casey.

Randall Mell of wrote that young golfers of today who think they could go toe-to-toe with the 14-major champions during his peak should learn their history.

He wrote that even if they see a “kinder, gentler Tiger” right now, it’s like poking a bear when they try to challenge him and he gets back to form.

“This could be the monster back from the dead,” he wrote. “This could be the beast back from the grave, coming for all of you.”

If anything, he said, all these young bucks or younger golfers of today should team up together to make sure that Tiger doesn’t taste blood, to make sure that he doesn’t remember how it feels to win because by then it would be over.

In fact, Woods showed in Valspar that he is already figuring it out. He was just a couple of putts and birdies from winning the tournament.

Mell said that if Woods will win his 15th Major, then it’s all over for the young golfers. They will witness years of dominance that they would be praying he gets injured or retire from the game.

Veteran Zach Johnson, meanwhile, said that the new generation of golfers have no idea just how good Woods was during his peak.

Johnson still have memories of when Woods dominated an entire decade.

“I’d love to have these young guys that are dominating the game have a piece, just one year of what we experienced,” he said.