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WWE Villain Enzo Amore Unapologetic After Locker Room Ban

Amid the persistent rumors that Enzo Amore was shut out by other wrestlers in the WWE locker room, the cruiserweight champion appeared to make that confirmation, but also he’s not in any way bothered by it.

In fact, one advantage of the whole debacle is that he gets his own locker room!

Chanced upon by TMZ Sports outside the Poppy nightclub in Los Angeles, Amore—whose real name is Eric Arndt—said that he now has his own private space.

“I don’t talk to nobody,” he said. “You know why? ‘Cause if you ain’t talkin’ money, what the hell you talkin’ bout?!”

“Being a champion, you wake up in the morning and you piss excellence. The only vowel I’m concerned with is ‘I.'”

The rumor about the locker room debacle was first reported by Wrestling Observer earlier this year. Accordingly, as SI reported, that he has been bringing unwanted guests inside the locker room. That would have been fine it itself but his guests took photos and videos of the other wrestlers, which is a serious breach of the rules.

Reportedly, when the Undertaker was still very active in the WWE, he organized what was described as a Wrestler’s Court where the athletes can file complaints and grievances. The court, which operated outside of the purview of the WWE, also had the power to issue some sanctions. However, that initiative was stopped in 2014 when the Undertaker semi-retired.

Another rumor surfaced which alleged that Amore was kicked out of the tour bus during the European tour because of his antics.

As of two weeks ago, as WrestleVotes reported, it seems like tensions are still high between the 30-year-old and the other wrestlers as he’s still not allowed in the locker room even if he captured the Cruiserweight title. “Regarding Enzo, I’m hearing the backstage heat is still real,” the tweet read.