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World Cup Kits That Are So Stylish, You’ll Want Them For Yourself

The World Cup is exciting, but the kits can be pretty boring. Most countries stick to national colors, and five brands supply the majority of the outfits. Despite these limiting factors, some nations have managed to make their mark in the fashion department. These 10 countries’ kits are fashion goals.

Cameroon 2002

This kit was basketball-inspired and banned by FIFA for not having sleeves. The sleeves pictured here were sewn on later, but that’s exactly what makes it so great.

Twitter/ We Love Betting UK

Nigeria 2018

This kit belongs on a runway or in a fashion magazine. Nigeria’s soccer team showed the world how to rock neon zebra stripes in a completely unique way.

Instagram/ Didivine

USA 2014

Colloquially referred to as the popsicle, this is one of the most memorable American kits in decades. It’s better than their 1994 denim abomination.


West Germany 1990

This exemplifies 90s fashion in the most tasteful way. It’s complete with tesselations and plenty of colors, yet the white background makes it palatable.

Bleacher Report/ Richard Morgan

Brazil 1986

This kit was so iconic that Brazil hasn’t strayed far from the style since. The elegant simplicity of the design couples perfectly with the yellow fabric.


Scotland 2016

This kit never actually made it to the World Cup because Scotland didn’t qualify. Still, this is the only pink national team kit. So original!

Twitter/ @2barrymc

Iran 2014

The subtle red cheetah in the background gives this otherwise-bland kit just the pop it needs. The design incorporates national symbolism without letting it overpower the look too much.

Twitter/ Soccer 7even

Uruguay 2014

Puma kits are notoriously too tight, but the color blocking on this one actually makes it work. It’s figure-flattering for all body types.

Instagram/ Edinson Cavani

Croatia 2018

Over the decades, Croatia has been one of a few teams to rock a checkerboard pattern at the World Cup. Despite changes, the design remains tasteful.

Zimbio/ Ivan Perisic Photos

Colombia 2018

It could be Rodriguez’s smoldering gaze or anticipation of Colombia’s performance, but this kit seems like it will go down in history as iconic.

Instagram/ Selccion Colombia


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