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30 Best, Most Bizarre Ballpark Foods Baseball Fans Can’t Believe

30 Best, Most Bizarre Ballpark Foods Baseball Fans Can’t Believe


ballpark food

From the tastiest treats to inexplicably bizarre eats, you can always count on ballpark food to bring the most eccentric dining experience in sports.

A huge part of what makes going to baseball games so fun are the uniquely ridiculous meals teams across the country bring to the table.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Majors or Minor Leagues, these ballparks bring some of the most delicious, disgusting and all around extravagant eats that gives even the most casual baseball fan good reason to go see a game.

Rocky Mountain Po’Boy, Colorado Rockies

The beautiful city of Denver, Colo., is synonymous with the Rocky Mountains. Thus the, you know, Colorado Rockies name.

What’s a more fitting meal when watching the Rockies play by the Rockies than eating some Rocky Mountain oysters?

ballpark food


No, this landlocked state definitely isn’t dishing out fresh seafood, rather “prairie oysters.” Still lost? Let’s put it this way: If a pitcher threw you four of them, you’d be awarded first base.

This cowboy caviar began as something of a novelty dish at Coors Field and has turned into a Colorado deep-fried classic.

Candy Cloud Waffle Cone, Cincinnati Reds

One has to imagine that the baseball gods float around on enormous candy clouds.

Fortunately, the Cincinnati Reds scooped up this heavenly treat with some waffle cones for a home run ballpark treat.

ballpark food


A waffle cone of soft-serve ice cream that is “wrapped in a glove” of cotton candy. Come on now, that’s not even fair. “How much more fitting can a fan get for some dessert action than having a baseball glove of cotton candy? Now catching a homer with that… that’s legend status.

Hrbek’s Bloody Mary, Minnesota Twins

When going to get the grub on at a Minnesota Twins game, there’s no shortage of choice selection, but a Bloody Mary from Hrbek’s is just plain ridiculous.

For the adults who prefer a nice cocktail to a beer, be sure that also means preferring a whole side meal too.

ballpark food

There are a whole range of different ridiculous toppers that serve as far more than a “garnish” for the drink, the most recent boasting a skewer of three sausages and another holding up a burger and breakfast sandwich!

(Pictured above are burgers, sausage, and chicken wings – there are also ones with a whole slice of pizza. Sheesh.)

Holy Toledo Burger, Toledo Mud Hens

Toledo, Ohio, is home to the Detroit Tigers’ Minor League affiliate Toledo Mud Hens. An awesome nickname of the equally hilarious American coot, these birds don’t play when it comes to burgers.

Go to the Birdcage Bar & Grill where a behemoth burger awaits.

ballpark food

Toledo Blade

Ready for the list? Here’s what this steak knife is holding together:

A pretzel bun, lettuce, tomato, four quarter-pound burger patties, four slices cheddar, four slices of provolone and red onion.

This thing stacks so high it should come with a step counter to track how far it takes to walk to the top of this skyscraper.

Toasted Grasshoppers, Seattle Mariners

Toasted grasshoppers?!

The Seattle Mariners really swung for the fences on this one. With great risk comes great reward, and fans buying this bizarre ballpark snack in such droves that they’ve been selling out proves the gamble paid off.

ballpark food

Bugs are probably the last thing most people think when the word “tasty” comes to mind, but it’s time to change notion.

The $4 cups hold four ounces of grasshoppers that are perfectly toasted and garnished in a chili lime salt. For an added bonus, these jumpy critters are super healthy.

Churro Dog 2.0, Arizona Diamondbacks

As you’ll see later in this list, the Arizona Diamondbacks don’t play around when talking taste.

Dessert… after such a big dinner? Still gonna send it! The D-Backs deliver big time with this dessert version of the ballpark dog.

ballpark food

Yahoo Sports

Start by replacing a hot dog with an Oreo churro and top that off with ice cream, a pillow of whipped cream and Oreo crumbs (in case a giant churro wasn’t enough Oreo). Since a regular bun would be an anticlimactic way to hold this sweet treat together, a donut makes for a flavorful alternative.

The Porknado, South Bend Cubs

The Porknado is just as much of a swirling disaster as it sounds like it would be to the stomach.

The Chicago Cubs’ Minor League affiliate from South Bend aptly describes it by saying, “It’s the whole cookout in a waffle cone.”

ballpark food

Don’t expect dessert in this waffle cone; this one’s bringing the heat. The Porknado is filled with a combo of pulled pork, mac and cheese, bacon and jalapeno peppers. Go ahead and try finding a spicier ice cream cone.

The Triple B, Texas Rangers

Forewarning, this is definitely not the first time you will see the Texas Rangers gracing this list.

The first of the Rangers’ ballpark edible oddities is the Triple B, which stands for meat, meat and a whole bunch more meat.

ballpark food

Actually, the Triple B stands for bacon, brisket and bologna. The thick cuts of meat stacked on top of more thick cuts of meat is drizzled in BBQ sauce, so it should really be the quintuple B. Not quite the same ring to it.

Skyline Chili Dogs, Cincinnati Reds

Going to see the Cincinnati Reds play at the Great American Ballpark is a great American pastime that needs a great American ballpark frank to go with it.

Of course, Cincinnati’s claim to fame in the food department is also the “delicacy” that lives in infamy to many outsiders.

ballpark food


Cincinnati is (in)famous for its Skyline Chili. To those unfamiliar, the eponymous dish takes its name from the Skyline Chili restaurant. It looks like regular chili heaped with a mountain of cheese on top. Underneath, however, is spaghetti. That still seems normal until taking a bite and realizing that this “chili” actually contains spices that are nothing like what you’d expect.


Here’s the ballpark version. Love or hate it, be prepared for definitely not normal chili.

The Urban Legends, Fresno Grizzlies

Minor League Baseball teams pull out all the stops when it comes to crazy food, but the Dr. Frankenstein who suggested this evil concoction is the definition of a mad scientist.

Introducing The Urban Legends, a wickedly bizarre sandwich that can be found up in NorCal at a Fresno Grizzlies game.

ballpark food

The Fresno Bee

The pulled pork sliders start out tame enough with Coca-Cola BBQ sauce. That sounds fun; nothing wrong with a little twist on the sweet sauce, but wait, there’s still more sweet…

Those funky looking pink stuff topping it all off are Pop Rocks.

Sometimes, it’s best to just not ask questions and roll with it.

Porkzilla, Quad Cities River Bandits

The Quad Cities River Bandits, located in Davenport, Iowa, is home to a relatively unknown North American cryptid. This mysterious monster is referred to only as “Porkzilla.” Let it be known, this beast is every bit the monster it sounds like it might be.

ballpark food


The Porkzilla comes in at an ungodly 3,400 calories. The behemoth sandwich consists of a gargantuan pork tenderloin that has pulled pork and bacon piled on in excessive fashion, to say the least. Inexplicably, the cost is all of $12 … that’s a water in some parks.

The Garbage Pail, Clinton LumberKings

When talking about loaded up toppings, the familiar phrase is usually everything but the kitchen sink. Iowans are too tough for that sort of talk, so when the Clinton LumberKings had a whole bunch of fried food leftover, they made it the Garbage Pail.

ballpark food

Ben’s Biz Blog –

This bundle of joy is fried up to perfection with mini-tacos, chicken strips, onion rings, cheese balls, corn nuggets, poppers, corndogs and beef sticks. That’s got enough oil to power an 18-wheeler, but for us humans, it’s more likely to just end up in a food coma.

The Dilly Dog, Texas Rangers

Texas really does do everything big… the Rangers, their Triple-A and Double-A affiliate all make this list. Do you, Rangers.

The Dilly Dog is a not so subtle Bud Light advertising ploy that’s so whacky we don’t even care. Dilly dilly!

ballpark food

Philly Today

On the outside, the Dilly Dog looks like an extra thick corn dog, but don’t judge dog by its corn cover. A bite inside reveals a jumbo hot dog stuffed inside a giant dill pickle. Salty, meaty, fried and on a stick. That’s called rounding the bases in the ballpark of food.

The Squealer, Akron RubberDucks

Whether intentional or not, the awesomely named Akron RubberDucks – an homage to the Akron-based Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company – have the Squealer. It doesn’t matter if the pun is porky, or really doesn’t rub the right way, it’s duckin’ delicious.

ballpark food

This Akron animal features a half-pound, foot-long hot dog is sliced in half to load up with pulled pork. It’s then tightly wrapped in bacon to keep from the inevitable mess and topped with cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce.

The Spec-Tater, Atlanta Braves

Give it up for the Atlanta Braves who are crushing the pun game in the tastiest of ways with the Spec-Tater.

There’s so much going on that it’s hard to see that this is actually a gigantic potato surrounded by much more visible goodness.

ballpark food

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader

Jammed through the middle of the mega tater is a jalapeno cheddar sausage, while the outside is wrapped in bacon and topped with cheese, cream sauce, and some more jalapeno for good measure.

Fortunately for the friends looking to mooch some of this action, this hefty fella comes sliced up for easy access (to the belly).

Sweet and Salty Grilled Cheese, Greensboro Grasshoppers

Don’t let this unassuming shot of the Greensboro Grasshoppers’ Sweet and Salty Grilled Cheese fool you, there’s more than meets the eye to this minor league meal with major flavor.

Inside this average looking grilled cheese is an inimitable blend of taste.

ballpark food

Sports illustrated

The sweet comes compliments of strawberry marzipan (a combo of sugar or honey and ground almonds) brie. The salty part is the prosciutto, providing the balance to the brie with some Old Bay seasoning for good measure.

Tape Measure Cheesesteak, New York Yankees

The Tape Measure Cheesesteak pretty much lays it all out there. It’s a cheesesteak… and it’s a biggie.

This bad boy is one long lunch, measuring out at a whopping two feet long! Then comes the big decision: What cheese?

ballpark food

Time Out

Deciding between American cheese or Cheez Whiz may not sound like the toughest choice until realizing this thing’s practically the size of person’s leg.

At a cool 1,800 calories, this monstrosity can feed a family (or make for one very interesting eating challenge).

Taco Dog, Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins Taco Dog is… well, let’s just say it made the list as more of a curiosity than for its exotic flavor.

Initially, it sounded like it be a solid departure from the norm – a footlong dog topped with chili, Monterey jack cheese, cabbage, avocado crema and salsa all in a tortilla.

ballpark food

The apparent final product, on the other hand, looks more monstrosity than amazing. It appears that a tortilla is barely supporting a normal dog with a bit of cabbage, some bulk-bought pickled jalapenos and one(?) sauce that has not yet been identified by modern science.

Riders Mac & Cheese BBQ Sandwich, Frisco Roughriders

The Frisco Roughriders, Double-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers, hold down their end of the sensational ballpark meals deal.

Rather than settling for the basic – a sandwich and a side – the ‘Riders combined the two for an eat.

ballpark food

This unique BBQ sandwich has coleslaw on top, but it’s the “buns” that make this sandwich one of a kind. Rather than settle for boring old bread, Frisco’s finest decided to turn mac and cheese into a makeshift bun.

That’s some seriously delicious ingenuity.

Vegan Italian Sausage and Sriracha Brat, Minnesota Twins

Clearly, this list has not been the friendliest of lists to those who are not meat eaters. Minneapolis has got all of baseball’s veggie-loving vegans covered with this twist on a classic ballpark brat.

The wildly popular “vegan butcher shop,” the Herbivorous Butcher, snagged some prime real estate at Target Field.

ballpark food

Located next to the MSP Kosher cart (which whips up brats of the meaty type), the Herbivorous Butcher dishes out some slamming vegan sriracha brats. Top these dogs off with locally grown toppings like onions (duh) and all the go-to condiments for a meatless frank that brings it all together for the full ballpark experience.

D-Bat Dog, Arizona Diamondbacks

Cashing out at $25, rest assured that Chase Field is serving up far more than a wildly overpriced corndog. The Arizona Diamondbacks want their fans to feel engaged and grabbing the baseball bat-sized D-Bat Dog accomplishes just that.

ballpark food

CBS Sports

This 18-inch corndog is served on a bed of fries, but it’s what’s inside that the D-Bat that counts. The hot dog is filled with cheese (literally in the dog), wrapped in back and stuffed with jalapenos.

The D-Backs D-Bat is true to Major League form, looking as heavy as a wooden bat.

Beer Art, New York Yankees

Leave it to the Yanks to class up the joint in the most extravagantly unnecessary way possible.

New York City apparently has the best cups of coffee in the world on every street corner (at least according to the signs), which must mean a whole lot of latte art. The Pinstripes put their Major League twist on it.

ballpark food

Blue Point Brewing Company dropped its Pinstripe Pilsner that sports some players heads on the beer head. Well, maybe just the NYY logo.

Even though the artsy topper is as fleeting as the foam, it sure gives a great excuse to head back for seconds.

The Squealer, New Hampshire Fisher Cats

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats have one of the most savage mascots in sports. The wily weasels are known for their terrifying screeches, but when talking Minor Leaguers, it’s The Squealer they’re known for.

The Squealer is a much more delightful treat to the senses than the screecher.

ballpark food

Hashtag Maine – Bangor Daily News

This heart attack on a bun is piled with pulled pork, bacon, ham, Italian sausage, pepperoni, cheddar and BBQ sauce.

That all sounds delicious, but by far the greatest part is the hilariously cute pig bun that holds it together.

Lava Rock Fire and Ice, Round Rock Express

The Texas Rangers’ Triple-A affiliate, Round Rock Express, pulled off the most grandiose dish in the minor leagues with its “Lava Rock Fire and Ice” platter.

The MiLB’s Food Fight contest in 2016 named this epic meal champion, and it is anything but your average ballpark bite.

ballpark food

This classy meal is prepared on volcanic rock, which can heat up to 700 degrees, and serves up some top-quality surf-n-turf with “Nolan Ryan beef tenderloin” and local Gulf Coast shrimp. A tray of dipping sauces includes tasty creations like truffle mayo and lemon aioli.

This exclusive meal for Dell Diamond suite guests serves 12 and comes in at a cool $470. Might as well tack on a bottle of Private Reserve merlot for an extra $75.

Lobster Roll, Boston Red Sox

There’s nothing fancy, nothing weird about this one. It’s just plain perfect.

Built in 1912, Fenway Park is wicked old – actually, the oldest in the MLB. A classic Boston landmark needs a classic New England meal to go along with it.

ballpark food

Boston Magazine

There’s no better place in the world to get a lobster roll than in New England, making this simple sandwich the perfect treat to enjoy while watching the Red Sox.

Sure, clam chowder rivals the lobster roll as the ultimate New England meal, but good luck enjoying a proper celebration while balancing a bowl of chowdah.

Cracker Jack Chicken and Waffles, Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Florida) is certainly a mouthful to say for a team name; it’s also a mouthful to eat at this Minor League hotspot.

The Blue Wahoos boldly combined two American classics: Cracker Jacks and chicken & waffles.

ballpark food


Peanuts and Cracker Jacks’ time has passed as the perfect combo for America’s favorite pastime. Chicken & waffles serves as a far more substantial substitute.

The chicken is crusted in Cracker Jacks and a maple honey mustard syrup makes this dish even sweeter. And you get the prize!

Chesapeake Fries, Baltimore Orioles

It’s all about playing to one’s strengths, utilizing what’s around. Baltimore heeded this advice, as the Orioles have some bomb local grub at Camden Yards.

Located on the Patapsco River by the Chesapeake Bay, this seaport city lives for all things crab.

ballpark food

Chesapeake fries complete an awesome Baltimore baseball experience, as this mound of waffle fries are doused in crab dip and sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning.

For those unfamiliar with what Old Bay seasoning is, a.) how dare you, and b.) it’s a Maryland staple and an absolute must for perfect crab (or anything).

Bacon-Wrapped Plantain, Miami Marlins

No secret, clever or fancy name for this one. Whenever bacon is a part of the meal, then as long as bacon is included in the title, it’s all good.

The Miami Marlins introduce … drum roll … the bacon-wrapped plantain!

ballpark food

With plantains grown in nearby Puerto Rico, Miami knows how to serve up its plantains. Throw a plantain on a stick, wrap it bacon and garnish with queso fresca.

It’s a simple snack that gives those salty feelgoods on a stick (opposed to peanut form).

Nutella Egg Rolls, Detroit Tigers

When attending a Detroit Tigers game, forget the main course and skip straight to dessert to engorge on some egg rolls.

Stop it, it Detroit. Just. Stop it.

How are we non-Detroiters supposed to carry on and continue through life knowing that we don’t have this sugary concoction?

ballpark food

Crain’s Detroit Business

There is no such thing as a bad crepe as long as it’s got some Nutella spread. Well, Comerica Park stepped it up a notch, taking the deep-fried route with Nutella egg rolls.

Apple pie-filled egg rolls are a sweet alternative to Nutella, but we all know that the only REAL alternative to ordering the Nutella ones is to order both.

Asada Dog, Arizona Diamondbacks

Not to be outdone by their corndog that doubles as a baseball bat, the Arizona Diamondbacks have another 18-inch hot dog option guaranteed to defeat even the emptiest of stomachs.

It’s destination Big Dawgs to get 18 inches of hot dog with the works.

ballpark food


This small child is piled on with fries, doused in queso blanco, loaded up with carne asada and topped with mounds of pico de gallo and guacamole.

It’s like a meal for two topped with a side dish topped with actual toppings. Stomach ache worth it.


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