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Vikings Trade for Trevor Siemian as Backup for Kirk Cousins

After finding himself thrust into the starting role after Peyton Manning retired, Trevor Siemian is now back to familiar territory as he was traded to Minnesota Vikings to become a backup for Kirk Cousins.

The Denver Broncos got a 2019 pick of the Vikings for the 26-year-old. The team also sent in their 2018 late-round draft pick along with the quarterback.

The Broncos think that they don’t have a future with Trevor Siemian as their main quarterback but the Vikings think that he could be good enough as a reliever for Cousins.

The former seventh-round draft pick is good for stretches but the scouting report is that he’s probably peaked as a quarterback.

For Siemian , this is an opportunity for a fresh start as he can prove himself to teams around the league that he’s worth a big contract.

The trade wasn’t all that surprising considering that the Broncos are looking to improve the quarterback position, which Broncos general manager John Elway had hinted as much during the NFL combine.

“Obviously we have to get better at that (quarterback) position. We didn’t play well there last year,” he said. “That doesn’t all go on the players. There were some things that we should have done differently that we didn’t do.”

But everything should not be blamed on Siemian, however, because the Broncos’ offense last season was atrocious. In fact, of the 50 sacks recorded by the team, 33 of those were against Siemian.

During his 24 starts, he passed for a total of 5,686 yards, along with 30 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. He completed almost 60 percent of his passes.

Case Keenum, meanwhile, will take the place of Siemian as the starting quarterback. His successful 2017 season was rewarded with a two-year extension.

Elway said that Keenum’s leadership, experience and competitive drive are the perfect qualities they are looking for in a quarterback. “Case is a great fit for us,” Elway told the Denver Post. “He’s coming off a tremendous season last year.”