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Veteran Scout with Cancer ‘Hurt’ After Being Fired by Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins have a new CEO in Derek Jeter, and in most companies under new management, old personnel will have to go.

Only in this case, it includes a 40-year veteran talent scout who just underwent a surgery for colon cancer.

Marty Scott, 64, told Yahoo Sports that he was admitted in the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL when he heard the news that his contract with the Marlins was not renewed. Just three days previously, doctors extricated tumor cells from his colon. In fact, he’s just waiting for doctors to clear him for a kidney transplant.

Scott knows that Jeter doesn’t have an obligation to extend his contract because the new owners want to win some games, and ensure a return in their investment. In fact, he also realized that he might have been overpaid “on certain aspects of the game.”

“I just think 40 years was worth more than a spank on the butt and see you later,” he said. “I’m very hurt.”

Former Miami Marlins scout Scott also said that 40 years in the business, he also terminated the contract of countless employees. “I never, ever fired somebody 10 days, 15 days before their contract was up,” he added. “If I knew I was going to fire somebody, I did it at the beginning of September.”

A company spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo Sports that Scott’s contract was indeed terminated, but declined to comment further.

This is apparently a part of the plan of Jeter and company to cut expenses, as reported by Miami Herald.

back in September. The new management, in fact, wants to reduce the payroll from the current $115 million to $55 million. For that to happen, they need to trade Giancarlo Stanton who will be making $25 million next season.

Also, Jeter also reportedly will get $5 million per season to recoup his  $25 million investment.