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Vandoorne Feels “Very Optimistic” About McLaren’s F1 Team

Stoffel Vandoorne has strongly conveyed his satisfaction as the McLaren F1 Team made a lead after starting off bad in the Thursday’s second winter test. Vandoorne described the progress as “very positive”.

During the test, Vandoorne was able to complete 151 laps, a feat that goes beyond the race distances of the Spanish Grand Prix. The previous days, the team was only able to acquire an accumulated total of 95 after their vehicle suffered from delaying issues.

ESPN reported the news with Vandoorne saying, “Today was a very positive day for us, a lot of laps obviously. This morning was good, we’ve been through a lot of set-up work, understanding about the tyre compounds, a lot of learning we’ve kind of missed a bit at the start of this week and also last week with the bad weather conditions so that was good to go through.”

The young Belgian set the time record for the day on Pirelli’s brand new hyper-soft tyre. Although he was down to about 1.75 against Sebastian Vettel’s latest Circuit de Catalunya record set to 1:17.182. This was the gauge to which the record was set on the same type of tyre. McLaren’s new record also falls behind the fastest time recorded by Toro Rosso’s Renault Factory team.

Nonetheless, Vandoorne is very optimistic about the progress as he says the tests are just to understand the fundamentals involved so they are able to create significant upgrades for the Australian Grand Prix.

“Our car in Melbourne will be quite different; there will be a lot of upgrades coming. So everything we learned from here, we need to carry forward. [We need to] Learn about it. And the car or package we have in Melbourne will be quite different so we’ll have to try and understand that there” quips the Belgian racing driver.

Fernando Alonso, a fellow player, will join the team on the final testing day which will be done on Friday.