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Child Porn Got Former USA Women Gymnastics Doctor 60 Years in Jail

Gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar, the subject of multiple sexual assault complaints from US women gymnasts, was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

US District Judge Janet Neff sentenced the 54-year-old to 20 years for three counts. With the sentence for the multiple counts of sexual assault set to be handed down next month, it’s almost a certainty that Nassar will die behind bars.

“He has demonstrated that he should never again have access to children,” the judge said.

More than 100 women gymnasts filed a lawsuit against the doctor for abusing them on top of the medical exam table. The abuse happened even when their parents are in the room with them.

The child pornographic images and clips were discovered by the FBI when it was investigating the molestation charges. FBI agent Rod Charles earlier told WOOD-TV that a search of his home yielded almost 40,000 in clips and images of child porn. Some of the victims were supposedly as young as six years old.

Nassar also used a Go Pro to record himself molesting young girls in the swimming pool.

The gymnastics doctor, meanwhile, told the judge that he had what may be termed as an addiction.

“You go back and you wonder how I got down this path to begin with,” he told the court. “I really did try to be a good person. I really did try to help people … I hope one day I can be forgiven, and I’m going to take every day of your sentence to try to better myself.”

The judge, however, is not buying Nassar’s act. She said that while she’s tried people before on child porn, Nassar’s collection was massive, which made her wonder “whether he felt he was omnipotent, whether he felt he was getting away with something so cleverly.”

Nassar will begin serving the sentence for child porn after the sentence for the molestation charges will have been handed down next month.

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