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UMBC Moves to Protect Retrievers and Retrievers Nation Brands

The University of Maryland-Baltimore County is trying to trademark the Retrievers and Retrievers Nation brands after their improbable  upset of the top-ranked University of Virginia in the NCAA tournament.

The UMBC filed the patents on Saturday after they were told by Darren Heitner and Jason Belzer, both legal counsels, that they don’t have the copyright to the names “16 over 1,”  “Retrievers,” and “Retriever Nation.”

That means other people can cash in through merchandise, gears, and apparel using those names. Most of the team merchandise are sold at the school’s bookstore. Reportedly, the bookstore recorded twice the amount in sales a day after the victory compared to the whole income in the entire year.

“With all the attention, it made sense for us to take care of it right away,” Tim Hall, the UMBC athletic director, told ESPN.

The whole trademark process may take one year before the patent office will release the approval.

The Cinderella story, however, wasn’t completed. After trouncing the Cavaliers, UMBC got as a reward a face-off against the Kansas State on Sunday. The Wildcats are ranked ninth in the NCAA. The team that wins will land a spot in the Sweet 16.

UMBC guard K.J. Maura said that they are not satisfied at just pulling one miracle. “We go in tomorrow with the mentality we’re going to win another game,” he said. “We’re hungry for more.”

Wildcats forward Dean Wade said that outside of Kansas, he could understand that everybody else will be rooting for the UMBC to win the game because everybody loves an underdog story. “What they did to Virginia last night (Friday) was amazing,” he said.

However, as expected, Kansas went on gunning as they don’t want to be on the wrong side of the history, even if they have to play the villain in the Cinderella story. In the end, the Retrievers lost, 50-43.

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