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Eye Sore: The Weirdest, Wackiest, and Ugliest Costumes in Wrestling

Eye Sore: The Weirdest, Wackiest, and Ugliest Costumes in Wrestling


weird wrestling wardrobes

What were they thinking? Apparently not much. With all of the great characters and costumes in wrestling history, there have been an equal amount of questionable, weird, wacky, and downright ugly costumes that were simply embarrassing. Let’s have a look at the 25 worst costume choices in wrestling history. And before that, let’s all take a moment to appreciate that these costumes are no longer worn.

The Rock

Before Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was one of Hollywood’s most omnipresent movie stars, he was a young hopeful in the WWF. Johnson’s football career had just come to a close after he was cut by the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders, and the next logical choice was to become a feared wrestler. However, this look was probably not what The Rock had in mind.

weird wrestling wardrobes

Seriously, what were the costume designers thinking? Let’s attach party streamers and a piece of a cloth chessboard to this man who’s supposed to be a Samoan warrior. Combine the party favors with some bulky knee pads and you get the Rock’s first WWF look, Rocky Maivia.

Battle Kat

They say cats have nine lives, but this man could’t even get one good outfit. Battle Kat, aka Brady Boone, was a natural athlete and a gymnast before his days in the ring. One day, the WWF’s brain trust got together and decided Boone needed a cooler name that utilized his gymnastics background.

weird wrestling wardrobes

There probably were an abundance of cool options to choose from, yet somehow Battle Kat emerged as the victor. Ok, now the name itself isn’t that egregious, but couple it with this costume above, and it becomes a hideous eyesore not many people would be proud to don. In 1998, the Kat died in a tragic car accident in Tampa, Florida.

Chainsaw Charlie

Well, well, look what the cat dragged in. A dazed, confused man clutching a chainsaw. Back in 1997, Terry Funk made his long-awaited return to the ring, except the excitement and anticipation that filled the packed arena was quickly replaced by gasps and laughs.

weird wrestling wardrobes

What was designed to be an intimidating figure wielding a tool of destruction turned into a character that looked like he just had a date with Scarface.  Except Scarface is actually a scary fictional character. In the end, Charlie’s character met the WWE’s buzz saw and was cut from the program a year after its debut.

Max Moon

The United States first went to the moon in 1969, so it’s rather perplexing that it took the WWF nearly 25 years to create a futuristic, outer-space type character. Max Moon, whose outlandish and elaborate costume (it had a functioning pyrotechnic gun mounted on the arm) cost a whopping $13,000, was originally intended for a controversial wrestler named Konnan.

weird wrestling wardrobes

However, Konnan and the WWF butted heads and Konnan was shone the door. So WWF president Vince McMahon, who was deeply invested in the character of Max Moon, needed to find a replacement, and Paul Diamond, who was a similar size to Konnan, fit in the costume and, by default, was given the role. In the end, the character from the future quickly became a relic of the past, and Max Moon appeared sparingly in his lone year in the ring.


Kevin Nash, best known as Diesel, was a collegiate basketball player at the University of Tennesee, but his short-lived character Oz was no slam dunk. It was a total flop, a la James Harden playing defense. In 1991, Nash made his debut as Oz, but the character was anything but a wizard and flopped horribly. There was no magic to be found.

In the end, Oz lasted one pathetic, uninspiring season before being retired indefinitely. The final nail in the coffin that officially marked the end of the Oz era was when Wrestling Observer Newsletter named Oz the Worst Gimmick of 1991.

Shock Master

You don’t even need to know the backstory or any details to know this horrible costume was doomed to fail from the start. Bedazzling a storm trooper’s helmet is never a recipe for success. Adding a puffy, shimmering blanket/vest just adds fuel to the fire. But to top it off, Shock Master’s debut fell flat on its face.

weird wrestling wardrobes

Literally, a pyrotechnic explosion blew out the wall Shock Master was hiding behind, and he emerged with force. The problem was, his mask obscured his vision and he tripped on a wooden beam, sending him tumbling through the opening and straight to the floor. His helmet rolled away and his identity was prematurely revealed, causing other characters to break character and laugh. One hot mic picked up a wrestler mumbling, “He fell flat on his bleeping arse!”


If this is what lies on the other side of the rainbow, we are all out of luck. If this leprechaun is what greets us, we already know that pot of gold is empty. Although Sheamus is one of the better, more accomplished wrestlers here, his costume doesn’t do him any justice. It’s like the designers gave up and said screw it.

weird wrestling wardrobes

He’s got flaming orange hair and a cool beard, now all he needs is some orange tape on his arms and a diaper with an oversized O on it. Seriously, if he’s playing on the whole Irish stereotype thing, which he is, then he could have done so much more than this.

The Johnsons

Before we dive into this one, let your imagination paint a picture of what’s going on here. Take a few wild guesses at what The Johnsons could mean. Ok, you nailed it. The Johnsons, better known as the Shane Twins, debuted as a pair of male genitalia back in 2002.

weird wrestling wardrobes

Together, Richard “Dick” and Rod Johnson made a formidable duo that was “hard” to beat. Yet the stunt was so visually unappealing that it lasted only a couple of weeks. The body-colored spandex body suit was the best they could do, something we are all grateful for.  Anything more would have been too scarring to ever recover from.


Ron Simmons was a standout football player at Florida State University and even managed to have a brief NFL career. He’s also recognized by the WWE as the first black world champion in professional wrestling history. What he wasn’t the first (or last) to do is wrestle in a horrible costume.

weird wrestling wardrobes

Faarooq was supposed to be a gladiator, but in actuality he looked more like a poor man’s magneto crossed with Aladin. The character, despite its awful appearance, was a major success and lasted until Simmons decided to drop it after the name became linked to the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

The Gobbeldy Gooker

In 1990, mysterious eggs started appearing at WWF matches across America, and on one forgettable evening, this horrendous turkey-like beast emerged from the egg. The bird, like a good Thanksgiving turkey, was roasted by the audience who drowned out the incoherent sounds he made with a chorus of boos. 

weird wrestling wardrobes

Somehow, the Gooker wasn’t retired immediately and made random appearances years after he hatched. Again, this costume begs the question what were producers thinking. People don’t come to these events to watch Big Bird’s cousin bumble and stumble around the ring. People want action, and a flightless bird just won’t provide that. 

Corporate Kane

The over-sized pinstriped suit and too-short tie just isn’t the best look. Before Kane went and got his MBA and CPA, he was a formidable figure and one of the more recognizable characters on the WWE circuit- even for the cursory fan. But once he became a businessman, he lost a tad of his credibility. No longer would he be the intimidating force standing high on the ropes ready to devastate opponents.

weird wrestling wardrobes

Instead, he’d be the guy ready to audit your business and sign your checks. No more flips and slams. Hello lawsuits and corporate take over. But maybe this was a self-fulfilling prophecy, because in 2018 Kane (Glenn Thomas Jacobs) was elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Aldo Montoya

Another wrestler who got the short end of the stick. Aldo Montoya, aka The Portuguese Man of War aka Justin Credible, didn’t get any help from the costume department. The potential for cool costume concepts was high with a nickname like the Portuguese Man of War, but the execution failed.

weird wrestling wardrobes

It was bland and tepid, like a jellyfish floating through the ocean with no direction. Honestly, what more can even be said about this sorry excuse of a costume? The mask? Comical. The cuffs around his forearms? Purposeless. And lastly, why did they choose this ugly shade of mustard yellow? Because they treated Mr. Montoya as a damn condiment.

Artist Formerly Known as Goldust

Trying too hard. That’s what you are seeing here. The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, which was an ode to the musician Prince, was known for elaborate, confusing, and gimmicky costumes that didn’t make much sense. Case in point below. Before TAFKAG, he was just Goldust, a popular character that, for reasons unknown, went on a confusing departure from his regular self. 

weird wrestling wardrobes

What filled the gap were costumes that perplexed and often scared audiences. Like this one, a dominatrix monster that looks more suitable for some Las Vegas convention than a WWF match. Thankfully, this gag ended and TAFKAG reverted to his normal self, Goldust.

The Yeti

Also known as Reese, The Yeti was a dismal character that lasted only one year in the WCW. The reason? Because he looked like a hybrid between a poorly wrapped mummy, a burn victim, and a ton of used toilet paper. Also, his appearance isn’t even an accurate reflection of his name.

weird wrestling wardrobes

At least call the man mummy or something along those lines. Suffice it to say, this character flopped and was sent back to the grave where it came from. Today, The Yeti remains firmly frozen and is locked in as one of the saddest characters in wrestling history.

Friar Ferguson

You know this character was a horrible mistake when the Catholic Church takes offense and requests that it be dropped. And that is exactly what happened to poor Friar Ferguson. Less than one year into Friar Ferguson’s tenure, the Catholic Church of New York requested that his character be modified and less offensive.

weird wrestling wardrobes

Apparently they weren’t fond of the Friar dropping holy power bombs and ringing other peoples’ bells. Alas, the man who clutched his opponents like the holy bible was forbidden from spreading good virtue to the sacrilegious wrestlers that occupied arenas across the globe. Farewell, our forgotten Friar.

Lord Tensai

Another top seller at party stores worldwide, this Samurai outfit just looks so gimmicky and cheap. And what do those characters on his sash mean? They probably say something disparaging and offensive, but this masked Samurai has no idea. All he knows is how goofy he looks.

weird wrestling wardrobes

Yes, Lord Tensai is actually a good wrestler and has had a solid career, but it may all be for not because of this hideous, blinding, and cheap costume. The guy looks ready to walk into a middle school Halloween party, not a royal rumble. He looks ready to serve some punch than deliver one. So, is Lord Tensai the last Samurai?

Johnny B. Badd

Johnny B. Badd, aka Marc Mero, actually had a long, successful run in the wrestling world. His name was a parody of the Chuck Berry song “Johnny B. Goode” and his look was modeled after Little Richard. But what does that actually mean? Was he the original rainbow warrior?

weird wrestling wardrobes

Was he a fitness instructor from the 80s who lost the majority of his clothing in a traumatic treadmill accident? We’re not sure, and we’re definitely confused by the streamer-wrapped pipe-looking object in his hand. Eventually, the ripped ribbon wearer was forced to update his look and dropped the entire alter ego and began wrestling under his real name, Marc Mero.

Giant Gonzalez

Giant Gonzalez was actually a modern-day giant and stood at 7-foot-7 with a billed weight of 460 pounds. As a child he played basketball and was selected by the Atlanta Hawks in the 1988 NBA Draft but never played due to injury. Thus, Gonzalez found his second career as a wrestler. Although he was popular and lasted longer than many others on this list, the WWF did him a great disservice by outfitting him with a horrendous body suit that covered his actual muscles.

weird wrestling wardrobes

He was supposed to be a giant, not a woolly mammoth or a werewolf. Look at those artificial muscles and patches of bushy hair in strange places, like the tops of his shoulders and his shins. Today, the outfit worn by Gonzales can be picked up at your local party store for about $10.

Mystery Man

You ever see an industrial cheese grater? Me neither. Ever see an industrial cheese grater strapped to a shirtless masked man? Yeah, me neither. But all of that changed one night in 1991, when this nameless character, who never appeared on a card and was never given an official name, ran into the ring and started throwing haymakers before quickly retreating.

weird wrestling wardrobes

Later, the cheesegrater man was revealed to be Brutus Beefcake, but before that info leaked, he was just a crazy SOB who wreaked havoc on unsuspecting wrestlers. Details have yet to be released on this character, but it’s safe to say whoever did his costume design needs to be fired.


Is he a Mortal Combat character (Sub-Zero)? Is he Brian Bosworth’s second cousin Ryan Rosworth? Then there’s the question of what happened to half of Glacier’s armor. Why is only one side of his body protected? Is his right side impenetrable? Does he not fear receiving a fatal blow to his right side?

weird wrestling wardrobes

Maybe his wrestling stance so untraditional that it only exposes one side of his body? Lots of questions and few answers. What we do know about the coldest man in the game is Glacier has, unlike the majority of the other wrestlers here, stuck with the same name throughout his entire career. He’s also cold-blooded. Now all he needs are some frosted tips.

Isaac Yankem

Kane, otherwise known as the disturbed dentist Isaac Yankem, is back for another appearance. Having one horrible costume wasn’t bad enough. Actually, Yankem was Kane’s first character, and it only lasted one year. Yes, the dentist’s office can be a scary place, but bringing in a dentist to a WWF match seems a bit out of place. “Did you floss? Are you brushing twice a day for two minutes?

weird wrestling wardrobes

What kind of mouthwash are you using?” Were these the scary questions Yankem was asking before yanking his opponents and their cavities from the ring? Was this what Yankem had in mind when he earned his dentist’s degree? Pinning people and locking them in brutal leg holds while integrating their dental hygiene habits?

The Spirit Squad

Nothing, absolutely nothing, on this earth is more intimidating than five male cheerleaders ready to celebrate your demise. Vince McMahon is a crazy man, and one of his most devious plans was the creation of The Spirit Squad. These guys would flip you, dip you, twirl then hurl you all over the ring. They would do it with pride and joy, with song and dance.

weird wrestling wardrobes

For a brief period, these jolly jumpers were crowned World Tag Team Champions. They would hit you with the pom-pom powerbomb or the Super-duper suplex. Whatever the move was, you knew it was going to be choreographed, rehearsed, and executed to perfection. The only thing they didn’t have was style.

The Bunny

He had serious hops, but The Bunny, aka Justin Gabriel, truly was one of the worst alter-egos in WWE/F history. The head looks like an awful combination between a ski mask — the kind robbers wear — and an Easter bunny with a scruffy white beard.

weird wrestling wardrobes

To top off this comical look, the Bunny was forced to wear a pastel green vest that most definitely didn’t strike fear into the hearts of his opponents. Fortunately, the Bunny has been used infrequently and is simply a sidekick during tag-team matches. Were he to be a regular character, the WWE would lose whatever remaining credibility it still had.

The Mountie

We get it. The Mountie, born Jacques Rougeau Jr., is Canadian, so making him a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is logical. But seriously, Canada is often seen as one of the friendliest, least intimidating countries in the world. They apologize for just about everything and aren’t thought of as aggressive people (unless they’re playing hockey, in which case that logic goes out the window).

weird wrestling wardrobes

In total, this aviator-wearing, snarl-tooth grinning, maple-syrup slurping wrestler lasted all of one year. Then he was dishonorably discharged and sent packing. Clearly fans were not a big fan of hearing him apologize to opponents before reading them their rights before finally putting them in the most pain-free hold possible.

Dusty Rhodes

This fellow looks like an experiment gone wrong. Like the byproduct of science doing too much, such as breeding a bumble bee with a rhino. Dusty Rhodes was a legendary wrestler with a larger-than-life personality. He must have been a pretty nice guy too, because he allowed whatever pathetic producer put this atrocious costume on him.

weird wrestling wardrobes

Rhodes, being the celebrity that he was, could have vetoed this in a number of ways. Instead, he said sure, put the smallpox suit on me. Give me the twisted twister look. Ruin me. Fortunately, Rhodes’ career wasn’t defined by this monstrosity- it was just set back momentarily.

Vito LoGrasso

Crossdressing Vito LoGrasso is a standup human. He empowered countless people with his willingness to wrestle in a dress and shed his tough guy persona that made Vito, Vito. But in the end, the dress is also the defining factor that lands Vito here. The dress isn’t flattering, intimidating, or too unique for that matter.

Actually, it looks like a Dixie Cup meets apron. It looks like Vito is ready to go cook up a pot of spaghetti with his signature sauce, not put someone in a holy cannoli. Next time, Vito should hit up Corporate Kane and ask him for his suit back.

Well Dunn

You already get what’s going on here. You already get the pun that these two were proud to wear on their leotards. These two mullet wearing buffoons each make up one half of a simplistic pun! On one half you have Timothy Well, and on the other, you get Steven Dunn. Together, you get Well Dunn!

The black leotard looks pretty bad, but when you throw some purple underwear over it, it becomes an eyesore. Couple that look with a bowtie and some greasy mullets and you get a look that is best forgotten. Don’t forget their pink armbands either. Sadly, both the Dunn bros passed away due to health complications.

EZ Money

The only thing easy about this costume is how forgettable it is. It’s truly easy to look away and never remember it. Sparkling mint-colored underwear and some half tights? You betcha. Black kneepads and a smirk that can bring you to your knees? No doubt.

EZ Money new how to get the green, the skrilla, the cheddar, and the paper. He also knew how to put people in a $100 hold and dish out a one-grand slam. Aside from his EZ Money nickname, he also went by Jason Jett. What he should have done is combine the two to become EZ Jett, a low budget, no frills wrestler.

Zack Ryder

Is he really checking himself out in the reflection of the sunglasses he just purchased from the gas station? Does he really have a QR code on his boxer briefs? Zack Ryder, known for his signature “Woo, woo, woo you know it” cry is a Long Island native and typical New Yorker. Loud and overbearing. And that’s exactly how Ryder got to top of the WWE, or near it at least.

He’s like that Yankees fan that just won’t stop mentioning their World Series titles, even though about 95 percent of them came during a different century. Have any of you gotten close enough to Ryder’s underwear where you could have scanned the code? If so, let us know where it takes you in the comment section below.

Bret Hart

Bret Hart is an absolute legend. There’s no questioning or denying it. However, we must question his choice in attire. Hart is rocking a fresh pair of Jordan’s and some long jean shorts with a black t-shirt. He looks more fit for a retirement home than a wrestling ring. Hart is pictured here getting his arm raised, presumably because he just won a three-point contest in those basketball shoes.

Or maybe it’s because he’s the newest dunk contest winner, and Hart wasn’t slamming basketballs. Nope, he was bouncing people, not balls, off the canvas, slamming them to the canvas with authority. Really, though, wouldn’t you expect a slightly better costume for a legend than some jorts and basketball shoes? Hart-less.