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UFC Ronda Rousey Talks about Her Debut on the WWE’s Wrestle Mania

Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey has been in public eye for some time because of her impressive career. But this time, she is making heads turn with her decision to begin a wrestling career.

The ex-world champion has made headlines the recent weeks because of her Wrestle Mania debut in less than two weeks. In a recent interview with ESPN, she proclaims that her new job is what keeps her in the public eye. She has been on top of the WWE headlines for some time now.

She says, “I could very happily be in some house in the mountains and never see anyone again, hang out with my goats and chickens. It would have to be something as great as the WWE to make me this happy, to pull me away.”

She also adds that without her recent signup with WWE Wrestle Mania, no one would hear from her and that she would live happily in the woods. She also declares that it’s all she really wants with her life.

Rousey had some serious had emotional downturns after her infamous loss to fighter Holly Holm in Melbourne. She was also vocal about her mental state after suffering from that particular knockout and how it changed her mindset.

Her recent decision to be part of the wrestling arena has provided her with the confidence knowing that her stardom is more than just behind the UFC ringside. It has also provided her with some security knowing that she is a mainstream star not just in the US, but all over the world.

Her first Wrestle Mania 34 match will be on April 8 and she is slated to have a mixed tag-team match with Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McHamon. Her debut Wrestle Mania tag team match will be part of the Showcase of the Immortals for this year’s WWE event.