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UFC to Decide on Covington’s Fate After Fighter Called Brazilians ‘Filthy Animals’

The UFC still has not decided on what to do with Colby Covington who had choice words for Brazil and Brazilians during the post-fight interview following his KO win over Demian Maia this weekend.

David Shaw, senior vice president at UFC, said they are now reviewing the situation and will soon make a decision on the matter. “We are taking the situation with Covington very seriously,” he said. “It’s already being reviewed by our code of conduct committee and it’s something that we are not very happy about.”

As to the reaction of the fans to throw plastic bottles and trash at Covington as he made his way to the locker room, he said they do not support that kind of behavior. But he hinted that the violent reaction could have been prompted by Covington’s comments especially since the Brazilians have been “fantastic generally” during the course of the fight.

Shaw did not elaborate on what type of sanction Covington may face. He said the will review the tape
“over the course of the weekend and early next week.”

Meanwhile, Covington posted on Twitter what he claimed to be  “formal apology” over his comments during the post-fight interview. However, the post was pregnant with sarcasm as he appeared to be blaming Brazilians for his remark. He said everybody was screaming that he’s going to die and they were throwing bottles at him while he’s going to the octagon.

In fact, there was security outside his room because of the threats. “I would like to formally apologize to any filthy animal I offended by comparing them to my hosts in São Paulo,” Covington wrote.

Maia, for his part, did not address the controversial comments made by his opponent. He wrote in a Facebook post that Covington deserved the victory but he’s also grateful in defeat because of the lessons he learned.