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Tottenham Hotspur Striker Harry Kane Still Trying to Prove Something

After scoring 100 goals in 141 games in the Premiere League, Harry Kane is not done proving his doubters wrong, and it all started back when he was still eight years old.

When he was still a young lad, the England striker was cut by Arsenal and he ended up in Spurs academy. To this day, he remembers the first game against his former club and his mindset then was to prove to Arsenal that it made the wrong choice.

He credited that episode in his life into molding him to become the player he becomes today. Kane found in himself an obsession to winning that wasn’t there before.

Even playing against Arsenal these days, he admits to getting goosebumps because it takes him back when he was eight or 11 years old, and he was visualizing how he would beat the club that released him.

“It was like déjà vu,” he said. |Before every match, I always visualize scenarios of exactly how I’ll score in the match. I’ve always been that way.”

But he said that the Arsenal was just a representation about ”proving something to myself, and to my family — who believed in me every step of the way.”

On scoring 100 goals in the Premiere League, Kane told The Players Tribune that it was a long journey to get there, especially after he was loaned out by Tottenham for two years. It was also at that time when he was doubting his abilities as a professional football player that he actually considered walking away.

But he saw a documentary about NFL quarterback Tom Brady and it immediately clicked for him.

“It was genuinely inspiring to me,” Kane said. “Brady believed in himself so much — and he just kept working and working, almost obsessively, in order to get better. It really connected with me.”

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