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Tom Brady Super Bowl Family Ring Sold for $344,927

A family ring engraved with the word “Brady” shattered all records for the price of a Super Bowl ring after the auction price reached an astronomical $344,927.

According to Goldin Auction, it’s the first time that a Brady award was being sold in the market, explaining, “He never lets things go and nobody from his inner circle has ever given up something like this,” Ken Goldin said.

This is a smaller version typically given to a family member. It’s a replica of Tom Brady‘s family ring, albeit 10% smaller. It also has 265 diamonds compared to the 283 diamonds on the future Hall of Famer’s actual Super Bowl ring. The appraisal from Jostens placed the price of the ring at $29,700.

The identity of the buyer was not disclosed, which is understandable for security reasons.

ESPN said the record for a football ring belonged to Lawrence Taylor, a linebacker for the New York Giants, whose Super Bowl XXV ring sold for $230,401 six years ago.

As far as sports memorabilia goes, this was not the most expensive. That honor belongs to the Babe Ruth’s 1920 New York jersey, which sold for $4.415 million. But over the past quarter of a century, only Mike Piazza’s New York Mets uniform sold more when it fetched $365,000 in April 2016.

New England Patriots players have also put up their Super Bowl rings for auction. For instance, in 2016, Maurice Anderson sold his Super Bowl XXXVI ring and it fetched $41,825 at auction. Leonard Myers, who was a backup cornerback for the team, also sold his Super Bowl XXXVI ring for $32,600.

Earlier this month, a Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket card of Tom Brady sold for $250,000 on eBay, which is the highest for the Patriots’ quarterback collectible. The card was only one of the 100 produced that year.