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Tom Brady Rookie Card Sold for $250,000 on Ebay

You know you’re the greatest quarterback ever when a rookie card sells for serious dollars even before you’re retired. That’s what happened to New England Patriots Tom Brady, who is seeking his sixth Super Bowl ring against the Philadelphia Eagles, when his collectible rookie card was bought for a quarter of a million dollars on eBay this past Thursday.

The Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket version minted “9” by Beckett was the second most expensive modern day collectible card. The record belongs to Lebron James when his Logoman 1 of 1 rookie card was purchased on eBay for $312,000 in two years ago.

Rick Probstein, who already sold $29 million worth of sports memorabilia on eBay, said the rookie card of Tom Brady had many issues, which is uncommon in card issued just recently. He mentioned the “chipping on the sides, to centering, to the autograph,” which affected the value.

The owner of the card was collector Joe Prizio who revealed that the initial purchase three years ago was $15,000.

While Prizio said that he’s an avid Brady collector, he’s also a businessman first and foremost.

“Brady, in the card world, is now being mentioned in the same breath as Jordan and Mickey Mantle,” he said.

Dakota Randall of NESN wrote that what drove up the value for the Rookie Card was the fact that it was autographed by Brady. Rarity is also a factor since only 100 of them are known to be in existence.

But that’s not even the most expensive in his collection of Brady cards. If the sale will push through for one of the cards that he listed on eBay, it’s going to be the most expensive since the asking price has jacked up to $500,000. The Fleer Ultra card is part of the Masterpiece Edition, which is a 1 of 1 and rated as 8 mint by the PSA.