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Timberwolves Guard Derrick Rose Trying to Prove Doubters Yet Again

After Derrick Rose was released by the Utah Jazz and after being traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers to Salt Lake City, Rose found himself with another team who is giving him another shot at redemption.  Now, he is motivated more than ever with the Minnesota Timberwolves to quiet the critics who think that he’s washed up and should retire.

“I’m 29, they’re acting like I’m 39. I’m still able to push the ball up the floor, they’re acting like I’m in a wheelchair,” he said.

The former MVP said that the Timberwolves medical staff “could believe” that his body was in a better shape than they first thought. He conceded that people must think that he’s on ice bag every day, or walking with a limp due to his multiple injuries. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“I feel great. My body feels great,” he said.

He also dismissed the idea that he’s injury prone. In fact, his last injury he was taken out of the air by Greg Monroe of the Milwaukee Bucks in October 2017.

“How can I stop that? How can I stop from getting taken out of the air? I tried to prevent myself from falling, I twisted my ankle,” he said, lamenting that people were already concluding that his injury was self-inflicted or a result of his body breaking down.

His ankle was immobilized but he wasn’t getting back to the court as fast as the Cavs would have liked. In December, Rose revealed that he had a bone spur in his ankle.

In November last year, ESPN published a report claiming that Rose is thinking of walking away because he’s “tired of being hurt.”

Rose’s career has been plagued with multiple injuries, starting with an ACL injury in the 2012 playoffs. He played only about half of the possible 412 regular-season games.