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Thankful Tiger Woods Fan Sends Gift to the Golfer’s Surgeon

A Tiger Woods fan that got ecstatic about his comeback decided to send a gift to the surgeon who operated on his back. Dr. Richard Guyer, MD posted the picture of the box of chocolate-coated strawberries with an edible note saying ‘thank you’ on his Twitter account. He captioned it with, “Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Enclosed is a BE (before eaten) picture. Dr G.”

Claire Rogers, 23, who admits being a golf fanatic, decided it was a good idea since Tiger Woods recently tied for second place at the Valspar Championship the previous Sunday. ESPN covered the story and she says, “My roommates think I’m insane.”

During her phone interview with the sports network, she also added, “I’m a golf fanatic. I’ve always loved the sport. I love all the other great player, but it’s been so much fun to watch Tiger come back, as I’m sure it has been for so many people. I’ve always loved Arnold Palmer’s tournament, and I got so excited about the comeback I decided to send the doctor a thank-you note.”

Although Wood’s operation was not released in full detail to the media, Rogers did some research to figure that the surgeon was quoted in a featured news released last April.

The news discussed about the latest innovation in spinal surgery to which Woods underwent. The minimally invasive surgical procedure fused the L5/S1 vertebrae located at the base of the spine. Woods also went through damaged disc removal realigning the collapsed space to its natural levels. This new surgical procedure allows a vertebra to rebuild itself.

Woods was prohibited to make abrupt movements for six months and was not allowed to play the game. But he made an impressive comeback playing for six worldwide events and five PGA Tour games. His remarkable resurgence earned him a second tie and a fifth during the preceding two starts. The Tiger Woods fan exclaimed, “He [Guyers] must feel pumped when he sees Tiger in contention.”