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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Has Some Surprising Secrets

He may be the most well-liked star in the world today — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can do no wrong. He’s recently starred in Rampage and Jumanji and his career keeps soaring upward, but who is the man behind the screen persona? We took a look behind the scenes and this is what we found.

He Was A College Ball Player

Den Of Geek

Dwayne’s first taste of athletic success was a football scholarship to the University of Miami. He didn’t have wealthy parents to bankroll his ride.

He Has A Big Financial Record

Action Elite

Dwayne Johnson was the Scorpion King in The Mummy. It was a bit part. A bit part that paid a record $5.5 million for a first-time lead performance in Hollywood when it got a spin-off movie, The Scorpion King.

His Gym Is In A Bad Place

Muscle And Strength

Dwayne’s regular gym is in a neighborhood so bad that he wouldn’t let a journalist drive to meet him there. He says he likes the privacy that it affords him.

He Really Wants To Win An Oscar

Vanity Fair

He has ambitions to win an Oscar, but has said that he’d also really enjoy just having the chance to host an Oscar’s ceremony.

They Thought He Was An Undercover Cop At University


When you’re as big as Dwayne is, you find that people react strangely to you. Sometimes they start fights, as they often did when he was at school. But at university, they avoided him completely. That’s because they were sure he was an undercover cop!

He Almost Joined The FBI

Square Mile

Dwayne hated school and he was told he’d have to stay for 3 more years; so, he decided to drop his plans to join the FBI or the CIA and become an actor instead.

He Has A Reputation For Being Genuinely Nice


“The Rock” is usually a nice guy on screen, but in real life, he has a reputation for giving a lot of time and effort to sick and disabled children. He doesn’t seek any publicity for it either.

He Has Benjamin Franklin’s Piano


Well, technically he has a piano that once belonged to Benjamin Franklin, but that makes for a lousy headline. Apparently, the piano was free with the house he bought in Virginia.

He Once Put A Kid In The Hospital


Kids fight, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was no ordinary boy. When he fought a classmate in school, he hospitalized him with a head injury. Dwayne was expelled for it, but the school relented and let him return.

His Father Was A Wrestler And So Was His Grandfather!


Talent clearly runs in the family as both The Rock’s father and grandfather were wrestlers. His dad was something of a star in the WWE, too.

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