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NFL Suspension Won’t Make JuJu Smith-Schuster Change His Game

Steelers wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster already served his one-game suspension for taunting Bengals linebacker Vonzane Burfict after a heavy hit that sent the Bengals linebacker to the medical table on a concussion.

In an interview with reporters, he insisted that he’s not going to change his game even if sometimes it leads him to trouble.

“I am still playing physical,” Smith-Schuster said. “That’s not gonna stop my game. And that’s how I’ve always been, since I was a kid. Keep moving forward, I am still going to make those blocks.”

But he conceded that he needs to be careful with things that may be perceived as disrespecting the game. He will also try to aim more the shoulder and the lower body, instead of the head that could seriously harm other players.

Smith-Schuster also said there was no malice in trying to block Burfict since he only saw a Bengals opponent. In fact, he didn’t realize that it was his nemesis who was on the ground. When he looked down and saw who it was, he knew it didn’t look good.

The rookie also claimed that he apologized to Burfict after the game. Burfict has a reputation of being a dirty player and several Steelers have also accused him of deliberately laying them out.