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Super Bowl Rings: Who’s Rocking the Best Bling?

Super Bowl Rings: Who’s Rocking the Best Bling?


super bowl ring bling

The late Al Davis used to always say on behalf of his Oakland Raiders, “Just win, baby.”

Well, when you have great players, then you get great wins, and when you get great wins, you get great opportunities in the playoffs. So, what do you get when all those great opportunities in the playoffs finally lead to a Super Bowl championship?

“Just bling, baby.”

When it comes to excessive bling, nothing in the sports world can compare to the over the top ring game that the NFL brings.

Years after year, each Super Bowl winner seems to have an interest in doing one thing – outdoing the team’s ring that came the year prior.

This year’s edition is looking bright, as the Philadelphia Eagles came in hot with a ring that certainly didn’t cut any corners in achieving ridiculous status, but is it the blingiest ring of the Super Bowl bunch?

10. New York Giants – Super Bowl XLVI

The New York Giants cut the head off the dragon not once, but twice, defeating the New England Patriots in 2007 and again in 2011 in Super Bowl XLVI.

Many thought the G-Men used up all their luck the first time around with the famous “Helmet Catch” by wide receiver David Tyree, but the 9-7 underdogs proved they could thrive under overwhelming adversity a second time.

super bowl ring bling

Another timeless classic Super Bowl victory deserves a timeless classic Super Bowl ring. After its first three rings ended up looking meh, meh and meh, it was about time New York got some rings as flashy as its skyline.

The Giants didn’t have to travel far to find their lapidaries of luxury, as the New York City-based Tiffany & Co. was responsible for crafting these beauties.

As for the beautiful minds behind the designs, it was a team effort: the team owners, general manager, head coach and team captains all had a say while making sure to get player input too.

super bowl ring bling

Big Blue View

All of that input certainly paid off, as these sparkly fellas got the works.

The centerpiece consists of four marquise diamonds that sit atop the four Vince Lombardi Trophies as a nod to the four Super Bowl trophies the Giants have collected over course of the franchise.

The inscriptions “Finish” and “All In” relay two mottos that carried the team through the season, but it was another addition that set this ring apart from their last one.

Big Blue also made sure not to skip out on living up the namesake this time around, because the last time it was most definitely missing color in a big, bold way.

super bowl ring bling


Fool us once, monochromatic clean.

With 37 blue sapphires around bezel (that’s fancy talk for the little ring rim that goes around the… ring) and blue coloring around the “NY” insignia, Big Blue made sure rep its most important color.

9. Baltimore Colts – Super Bowl V

Okay, so compared to today’s standards, this bling is far from balling out like a champ.

In fact, rookies who might not even be in the league next year probably drop more on hardware than this piece, but it’s the historical context that makes this swag supreme.

super bowl ring bling

Taylor Blitz Times

The Johnny Unitas-led Baltimore Colts took down the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V to stake their claim as champs of the 1970 NFL season.

Prior to the Colts, the Super Bowl rings were, well, they were all pretty whack.

This was the first time that a team actually displayed its logo on the ring, and the character it adds to the piece is a breath of fresh air.

The Dallas Cowboys, whom the Colts beat 16-13, followed suit the next year when they won the championship with a star centerpiece.

super bowl ring bling

Then-manager Don Klosterman was the guy behind the guy coming up with the ring design.

The horseshoe’s seven holes were studded with blue sapphires that also proved to be a wildly popular innovation, as other rings had incorporated the use of gemstones other than diamond.

It may not compare to the anvils that players are lugging around today, but every bling has its beginning.

Look no further to see the evolution of swag than the Indianapolis Colts’ Super Bowl XLI ring. It isn’t identical, but it’s easy to draw comparisons to the base concept.

super bowl ring bling


There’s no doubt, all of the absurdly iced out Super Bowl rings of today have Baltimore to thank for taking the technicolor road less traveled.

Then again, maybe Baltimore’s other NFL team should’ve taken a raincheck on the colorful logo love… Yikes.

8. Green Bay Packers – Super Bowl XLV

The 2010 NFL season was a good one for Green Bay Packers fans, as quarterback Aaron Rodgers took the Pack to Super Bowl XLV, where they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25.

It was a thrilling game that saw Rodgers finally prove that he was the perfect man to take the reins from Brett Favre and lead Green Bay to another title.

super bowl ring bling

Don’t let the small city fool you. The Packers may represent a humble Wisconsin home, but there is nothing modest about the Super Bowl accessory the team received.

Nothing complements a Cheesehead quite like a gold ring… except one with a bunch of diamonds.

This thing was balling:

First, there’s the ring itself, which is made out of platinum (Green Bay doesn’t play with that peasant gold stuff). The diamonds alone total 3.35 carats. The “G” logo, set atop a green stone, is made of 18-karat gold with 13 inlaid diamonds studding the logo to signify all of their championships won.

super bowl ring bling

Mears Sports Auction – MEARS Auction

Then there’s the rest of the ring, which crammed 92 surrounding diamonds to represent the franchise’s 92-year history. Four marquise diamonds on each corner mark Green Bay’s four Super Bowl championships to bring it all together.

This absurd finger flare weighs in at a whopping 116 grams, which is 0.256 pounds. Are you kidding? That’s a Quarter Pounder… WITH CHEESE!

In the spirit of Cheeseheads, we’d like to believe a few pieces were added just to make this happen.

super bowl ring bling

When the Packers’ front office went around looking for input from the team, the collective sentiment was apparently that of, “We want ‘big’ and ‘bling.’” Safe to say they nailed it with ridiculous mammoth.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers – Super Bowl XL

With quarterback Ben Roethlisberger under center in 2004, the Pittsburgh Steelers became one of the most dominant teams in the AFC. In just his second year manning the offense (2005), Roethlisberger fought his way to his first of two Super Bowl championships.

super bowl ring bling

After winning Super Bowl XL, the Steelers claimed another three years later at Super Bowl XLIII. While the second ring is undoubtedly bigger and blingier, it’s the crisp, clean and classy look of the Steel City’s ’06 ring that looks oh so fire.

This ring design came compliments of the Steelers’ top dogs: owner Dan Rooney, HOF running back Jerome Bettis and Roethlisberger.

The Bus and Big Ben were adamant about paying homage to those who brought home the Vince Lombardi Trophy before them, which led to the five trophies (labeled with their respective titles) featured on the head.

super bowl ring bling

The Steelers logo – emblazoned front and center on the Lombardi Trophies – displays the only colored jewels on the ring to replicate the Steelmark logo. This colorized trio make for a bold yet refined aesthetic that is a refreshing departure from Pittsburgh’s rugged rings of the past.

Super Bowl XLIII saw a departure from a more “classic” look and feel to a straight up iced out design. Baller as it looks, swapping out the marquise diamonds with bigger bling makes it feel a little less football and a little more flash.

super bowl ring bling

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Then again, for all of the players (like Santonio Holmes pictured above) who played in both Super Bowls, deciding whether they prefer the classier ring or flashier bling probably isn’t the most haunting of questions to keep them up at night.

6. New England Patriots – Super Bowl XXXVI

Turn back the clocks to 2001, a decisive year that has come to be the bane of NFL fans’ existence or the birth of the best thing to happen to football. This was the fateful season when a freak injury to starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe ushered in the Tom Brady era.

This was the one that started it all.

super bowl ring bling


After the infamous Tuck Rule Game lifted the Patriots past the Raiders and put a giant target of hate on Brady’s back, the Pats eventually made their way to Super Bowl XXXVI. There, they shocked the world, defeating “The Greatest Show on Earth” St. Louis (RIP) Rams 20-17.

With each Super Bowl championship, the Patriots added to their collection, some extra flair seemed to be crammed on to each new ring. Bigger and brighter as the others may be, the original design set a precedent for those that followed.

super bowl ring bling

The ring is made of 14 karat white gold and holds 143 diamonds (opposed to the “paltry” 104 on team’s next ring), 42 of which circle the bezel as a nod to the team’s 42 years of play.

Surrounded by rows of diamonds on the head of the ring is a platinum Lombardi Trophy.

The trophy stands alone (with one giant marquise diamond resting on top), as it marks New England’s first Super Bowl championship.

A garnet and blue sapphire stone give the ring a pop of color and patriotism (‘Murica) that really balances the iconic logo and Lombardi Trophy.

super bowl ring bling

Again, the proceeding rings New England got with each new Super Bowl victory grew more and more extravagant, but they all remain stylistically true to their predecessor, giving this sweet piece some historical significance.

5. Oakland Raiders – Super Bowl XI

On behalf of the history of NFL swag, athletes and fans alike have Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis to thank for bringing the bling to the Super Bowl ring. The Raiders’ Super Bowl XI ring put the league’s first 10 rings to shame.

super bowl ring bling

At a glance, the Packers’ original Super Bowl ring looks like little more than a high school class ring. Actually, lettering aside, even a close inspection would make one think it holds little more than intrinsic value.

The Kansas City Chiefs deserve credit for delivering a high school state championship-worthy ring while the Cowboys Super Bowl VI is serviceable and the Colts ring that kicked off this list is a diamond in the rough (zing).

super bowl ring bling

While those rings utilized their team color for a cute look, Raider Nation took advantage of its minimalist silver and black… the black part, at least. The mere suggestion of silver seems like it would have been a slap in the face to Davis.

The ways of Raider Nation’s braggadocios owner must have left the 1973 Miami Dolphins and 1974-75 Pittsburgh Steelers rosters with clenched jaws and steam pouring out of their ears after seeing the ring reveal.

Oakland’s 27-diamond ring nearly sextupled the previous three champions’ pieces, which added up to a measly five diamonds. Mirroring the team/owner’s brash and bold attitude, the 14-karat white gold ring and onyx stone is in-your-face fresh to death.

super bowl ring bling


After the Raiders’ 1976 championship season, other teams followed suit. Mark it down in the history books: 1977, when the Raiders received their rings, officially ushered a new era of Super Bowl swag that continues to accelerate at an exponential rate.

Just bling, baby.

4. Seattle Seahawks – Super Bowl XLVIII

The showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII was anything but a show, unless you’re a Seahawks fan.

Seattle handed Denver a beatdown of such epic proportions that it was toeing the line of assault.

super bowl ring bling

The 43-8 dismantling of the Broncos gave the Seahawks their first Super Bowl championship. For such a momentous occasion, a massive piece of memorabilia is only fitting.

This bad boy is a behemoth of a Bowl ring, adorned with over 200 gemstones.

This thing is so decked out with diamonds that even the ice is iced out. The white gold ring is encircled by 40 blue sapphires and bordered with 12 large diamonds. But that’s just the side stuff where no one’s looking.

super bowl ring bling

Front and center is the Seahawk logo made up of 65 diamonds with a tsavorite eye for a punch of color. The logo is set in front of the Lombardi Trophy set with a marquise diamond.

As for the space – Tiffany & Co. went ahead and crammed another 87 diamonds, because why not?

For the lucky individuals who were not blinded by the stupidly stacked Seahawk top, there are plenty more intriguing details to ogle elsewhere.

On one side sits the Seattle skyline, while the other depicts CenturyLink Field with nearby Mt. Rainier in the background and a No. 12 flag waving to pay tribute to their fanbase, “The 12s” (it’s 12th Man, c’mon Texas A&M).

super bowl ring bling

The Jeweler Blog

Closing out this Where’s Waldo-esque ring is a fun find on the inside of the ring. The first inscription reads their motto throughout the season, “Leave no doubt 24/7.”

The last piece is probably something they’d prefer not have been added, “What’s next?” Turns out the answer was losing out on a second ring when the Patriots stole the game with an interception at their own goal line in the final seconds.

20/20 hindsight, right?

3. Denver Broncos – Super Bowl 50

When quarterback Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos got a second chance at securing a Super Bowl championship, they were not going to squander the opportunity.

Right out of the gate, Denver set the tone with a field goal followed by linebacker Von Miller’s strip sack that was returned for a touchdown.

super bowl ring bling

The Broncos never looked back, securing their shot at redemption with a 24-10 win. It isn’t hard to see how much this championship meant to Denver, because they spared no expense on decking out this ring out.

Super Bowl 50 marks a very big anniversary, which the Broncos fittingly matched by way of a gargantuan ring.

The ring boasts white gold bordering with and gold, most notably the “50” that pops front and center.

super bowl ring bling

Three big marquise diamond Lombardi Trophies make up a small portion of the 212 diamonds covering the ring. Sheesh.

The Bronco logo rests atop blue corundum, and the mane and is inlaid with orange sapphires for a fiery and unforgettable look.

The 28 diamonds at the top of each side combine to represent the franchise’s 56-year history. While one side boasts the player name and diamond encrusted number with a very unique NFL champion crown, it’s the other side that makes this ring truly special.

super bowl ring bling

Championship Rings Designer

A banner reading, “This one’s for Pat” covers a Lombardi Trophy. The homage is to former owner Pat Bowlen, who had given up control of the team the year prior due to an ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

President John Elway made sure Bowlen was given the love he had ceaselessly given to his organization for so many years.

2. Philadelphia Eagles – Super Bowl LII

No one thought it was possible.

Pitted against the Evil Empire – the (un)holy trinity of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft – New England Patriots, the Philadelphia Eagles were completely written off by most all fans outside of the Philly faithful.

super bowl ring bling


With starting quarterback Carson Wentz out with a torn ACL, the Eagles had to lean on backup veteran quarterback Nick Foles.

Improbable as it may have seemed heading into the game, Foles delivered in a way that made him look like he had as much Super Bowl experience as Brady, leading the Eagles to a stunning 41-33 upset.

It’s only fitting that a team that played with ice in its veins should be adorned with matching ice for the finger.

A ridiculous 219 diamonds blanket the white gold ring with another 17 green sapphires adding color that is simply breathtaking.

super bowl ring bling

Custom Championship Rings

Since everyone wrote the game off as another Super Bowl win for the Pats before the game had even begun, “We all we got, we all we need” proved to be a more fitting motto for the season than they could’ve imagined.

A bezel made up of 127 diamonds is the total number of the players who touched the ball during the unbelievable Philly Special touchdown play: running back Corey Clement (No. 30), quarterback Nick Foles (No. 9) and tight end Trey Burton’s (No. 88).

super bowl ring bling

NBC Sports

That was a neat nod, but the tribute inside the ring tops it all. Continually written off as underdogs, Philly felt disrespected and was unafraid of showing it. Players like Lane Johnson and Chris Long threw on dog masks, embracing the underdog role.

The underdog mask came to be a defining depiction of their playoff run, and the team honored that salty swag beneath loads of ice.

1. New England Patriots – Super Bowl LI

The New England Patriots may have been on the wrong end of Super Bowl LII, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that the Atlanta Falcons blew a 28-3 lead.

Tough as the Super Bowl LII loss was, it looked like the Pats were going to lose Super Bowl LI in far worse fashion, trailing the Falcons 28-3 midway through the third quarter.

super bowl ring bling


What ensued was simultaneously the greatest comeback and most epic collapse in NFL history, as New England came storming back, breaking countless records on their way to a 34-28 overtime victory.

You can bet there was a TON of shade thrown after the season infamously began with Tom Brady suspended the first four games after years of legal battles over Deflategate.

On the inside of the ring, an engraving reads “Greatest comeback ever,” which is really more of an objective truth than shade. Look to the side for the first little jab that owner Rob Kraft enjoyed at the expense of commissioner Roger Goodell.

super bowl ring bling

The phrase “Unequivocally the sweetest” is wrapped around the Super Bowl LI Trophy. It’s easy to take this at face value until realizing that Kraft said after not-so-subtly saying “a lot has transpired over the last two years, and that doesn’t need any explanation…” during his victory speech.

While that was a bit of sweet revenge on the commissioner, the other decorative decision is an all-timer.

It may be true that ever Super Bowl ring seems to outdo the last with the number of diamonds, but let’s just say it’s a little bit more than “fishy” that the Patriots chose 283 diamonds after coming back from a 28-3 deficit.

super bowl ring bling


For a team that has already earned a reputation as of the most hated teams in all of sports, adding a few more haters to the list is really just icing on the cake.

Love or hate all the shade thrown is this ridiculously over the top ring, you can’t say Tom Brady doesn’t look good in five fingers of ring bling.


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