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Funny pictures showing the every day struggle of being a tall person

Funny pictures showing the every day struggle of being a tall person


Some guys wish they had shorter girlfriends, while some others prefer taller ones. Well, let’s just say every woman on this list is part of the latter. But that doesn’t come without its fair share drawbacks, as you’ll probably guess from being astoundingly tall. Here’s a list of insanely tall women who are going to make your head absolutely spin.

Best friends dwarf each other

While we don’t have the figures for this blonde bombshell, we can probably safely infer that she’s around the vicinity of 6’4”, given her head is just slightly shorter than the lower part of the roof she’s standing next to.

User via Wix

This of course makes her friend seem short, but in all likelihood she’s probably around the average height for a woman in the U.S. In fact, she might be slightly taller than the average. In either case, this is impressive; and probably means her friend has many tall person struggles. 

Made in the U.K.

The boundless beauty shown in this picture is listed at a very reasonable 6’3”, is one of the tallest women in the world and in the United Kingdom. This woman is likely hard to miss in a large crowd. Who knew the U.K. could add some height to this list as well!

sophiavdb via Instagram

But aside from her height, she probably has to undergo many problems, like slightly squatting to be in the frame of this picture, adding to the tall people’s struggles on this list. But hey, that’s why love and friendship overlooks these things.

6 feet never looked so good

While the subject in question in this picture purportedly stands at about 5’11” according to this post, that quality might as well serve as a looming figure in public when comparing this height to the average for certain countries. This photo was reportedly taken in Argentina, where the average female height is slightly less than the U.S.

supertallgirls via Instagram

To that answer, the average height for a woman in Argentina is about 5’3”, so it can probably be assumed the woman on the far left is around that height, given she’s far shorter than her friend. The male’s height is also something to behold, too. 

Size doesn’t matter

Here is another example where we are not sure as to the height of the subject in question. But she’s clearly over six feet and dwarfs the man in this picture to be sure. From the looks of things, however, this doesn’t seem to be an issue between the two.

supertallgirls via Instagram

But this could be a hindrance for the woman if she prefers guys to be taller than her in any given relationship. For appearances sake, this could certainly be an issue. However, all the more power to those who are able to look past these kinds of things!

Custom mirrors?

Being 6’4” regardless of any gender is an impressive height, which is the case in this photo. You can tell she’s practically the same length as the doorway behind her. Of course, the inevitable question becomes whether she has competed on a professional level in any capacity.

supertallgirls via Instagram

And while we can’t verify this, we do know that she played at the center position for Ohio State from 2009-2014. She also hails from Serbia, which makes her unique in her own right, too, as many others come from all over the globe on this list.

Made in Germany

This German wunderkind is listed at a towering 6’5”. The average female height is about the same for the U.S., which is about 5’4”. That means she would be towering over most women in both countries and noticeable in a crowd of males of average height, too, which is pretty astounding!

tallgirls via Instagram

We don’t know about you, but this makes us want to see what Germany has to offer. From the looks of things, we probably wouldn’t complain. After all, it’s hard to find a place that has tall women complemented by arguably some of the best hot dogs on the planet.

When you’re the same height as the Christmas tree

While this woman isn’t anywhere near the height of Ekaterina Lisina or some of the others on this list, any six-foot woman sporting high heels is going to appear extremely noticeable next to anyone else of average height. 

supertallgirls via Instagram

Presumably, the Christmas tree is also pretty tall, so it’s saying a lot that she’s able to go toe-to-toe with it in terms of height. In terms of relationships, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find a guy of comparable height. Still, it would probably be somewhat of a struggle to appear near average-sized when wearing heels by any standard.

From Russia with legs 

This woman takes the cake when it comes to height. She’s definitely passing the seven foot mark in these heels, which very few on this list can come close to despite being tall themselves in their own right. For crying out loud, she’s resting her elbow on the ship’s railing from the dock, which is incredible.

supertallgirls via Instagram

She’s also from Russia. Maybe there’s something in the water up there that’s churning out all the tall people out there. Or maybe it’s from the after effects of Chernobyl. Who knows! But we’ll go with genetics in this case.

Legs for days in the Big Apple

Here is yet another example of when legs are on full display for the masses. In this case, this photo was taken in New York City in what looks like Times Square. This is also another scenario where 6’5” is not only tall, but also towering when you’re wearing moderately tall heels.

supertallgirls via Instagram

Our question is, of course, why? Imagine tripping over something and falling at 6’10” tall. That would probably be catastrophic. And you can trust us when we say there are plenty of things to trip over in NYC.

‘Besties’ no matter what

Whoever said that friendships can’t overcome physical discrepancies simply don’t know what they’re talking about. When you look at this picture, all that comes to mind is how these two will most likely always stick together through the thick and thin.

supertallgirls via Instagram

That includes if one looks better than the other in candid pictures. But hey, it probably goes without saying, too, that the taller person probably looks better in most pictures taken together. Of course, that would never deter friendship in any case.

Pictures really do tell the whole story

Standing at a whopping 6’9”, Ekaterina Lisina virtually towers over everyone she meets both in a sea of people and in private. On top -literally- of being a model, she was also on the Russian Olympic team and guided them to the bronze medal in 2008.

Ekaterina Lisina

ekaterina_lisina15 via Instagram

But putting her professional accolades aside, Lisina is a force to be reckoned with. Imagine getting into a confrontation with someone at a public place (maybe a bar) and your 6’9” girlfriend came to your rescue. Hey, we’re not saying we would turn away the help.

More legs for days

Again, being 6’5” regardless of your gender is going to be moderately noticeably in public. So whether you are an outgoing or introverted person, that could potentially be an unwelcome hindrance, especially if they opt to keep to themselves.

supertallgirls via Instagram

But this picture truly shows her height. You can tell the top of her legs pretty much take up about three quarters of her friend’s body. So whether that is something she wants to be as a centerpiece is another matter, too.

When your friend can easily look over your shoulder

Imagine having to get on an elevator as someone who is 6’6” which is hypothetically packed with people. To say that you will undoubtedly be the focal point of attention is an understatement. Not to mention all of the people wondering about the capacity limit, too.


Or just imagine having to worry about having to duck your head before entering while also thinking about the capacity limit. The possibilities are endless. And as you can tell, we would loath being in that position, as this person likely encounters on a regular basis.

When you are the tallest woman at the club

The woman in question here is presumably 6’5” and is an Australian netball player. Obviously, height is on her side in sports, but what about during the normal everyday routines that life throws at you? This of course would include stooping to pick up things off the floor, or anything of that nature.

User via Wix

Or what about when you are in a club setting? Obviously, you’re going to be noticed. It’s almost like she doesn’t even have to be a high-tier celebrity to get analogous attention. Either way, while she probably has her struggles, she’s probably living her best life.

When the mirror is too short

It’s hard enough for people who have a hard time getting up in the early hours of the morning to brush their teeth and get ready for the day. It’s another thing entirely to be far too tall for the bathroom mirror outfitted for your home, too, which of course makes things worse.

vbchelsea via Reddit

Although you could probably argue there is a silver lining to many things, including this debacle, you could at least assume that having a short mirror would help you focus on other things you otherwise wouldn’t like, like maybe skin care, for example.

From Brazil with love

You know you’re tall when the top of your friend’s head comes to your waist. And while we don’t have this person’s exact height measurements, it’s probably safe to say that she encounters plenty of struggles, including getting through smaller-than-average doorways and the like.

supertallgirls via Instagram

But if we were to guess her height, it would definitely have to be somewhere within the realm of 6’5”, perhaps even taller. That probably means that some everyday tasks become a chore–bending down to see into mirrors, sitting down on smaller chairs, etc.

Longest legs in America?

It’s pretty impressive when the length of your legs practically equal the length of your entire lawn mower. And it certainly shows. Her name is Holly Burt, and she is listed as 6’5”. And those legs certainly don’t lie. Time magazine even labeled them as possibly the “longest legs in America”.

supertallgirls via Instagram

But it goes without saying that this comes with its drawbacks. For starters, how on earth can this person be expected to mow the lawn? Your guess is as good as ours. And she undoubtedly has other difficulties to undergo as well.

Those elevators will have no chance

Imagine having to get on an elevator as someone who is 6’6” which is hypothetically packed with people. To say that you will undoubtedly be the focal point of attention is an understatement. Not to mention all of the people wondering about the capacity limit, too.

supertallgirls via Instagram

Or just imagine having to worry about having to duck your head before entering while also thinking about the capacity limit. The possibilities are endless. And as you can tell, we would loath being in that position.

Still taller on your knees

As the saying goes, every tall person likes to have a short friend. And that certainly pertains to this scenario. While we don’t have the height figures on the person in question, it can be safely assumed that she’s in the realm of six feet. But your guess is as good as ours when it comes to trying to pin down her height.

supertallgirls via Instagram

But you would probably be hard-pressed to find a woman more than six feet tall. In fact, the average height for a male is quite a bit under six-feet in the U.S., so this woman is likely taller than that or thereabouts. 

Legs for days

Margo Dydek is likely the tallest woman on this list without heels. She was a whopping 7’2” and was born in Poland. Besides being a talented WNBA star, she was also a good person, too. We can only begin to think of the problems she must’ve had at that astounding height.

Otto Greule Jr., Allsport via Getty Images

She was mainly known as a “fierce defender, with a gentle heart.” And that speaks volumes to her character. Imagine all of the people who would probably opt to use that frame to the detriment of others. But not Margo!

Your personal 6’2″ chef

When a 6’2” chef comes walking into your kitchen, you do what they say. In this example, though, how could you not respond with a resounding ‘YES’ when someone comes to cook for you with that fishy face? It’s simply too adorable!

tarahumphris21 via Instagram

Not to mention, imagine trying to pick a fight with someone who is 6’2”. Now try to imagine if this person was in heels. We’re sure this guy gets it. Clearly, you can tell he’s given up and will likely end up cooking for her instead.

Call security…oh wait

Unfortunately, we don’t have the height metrics for this woman. But it goes without saying that she’s bounding in height even compared to her moderately-sized male counterparts. But you could probably assume she is approximately 6’4” or 6’5”.

supertallgirls via Instagram

But of course, that pales in comparison to someone who is presumably about 6’9” or so. Imagine getting into a relationship with one of these people. You would most likely have to get on a stepping stool to get a kiss! Either way, the boss probably hired the wrong person for the job.

It’s raining legs

Here are yet more candidates for tallest women on this list, as you can see their legs are definitely a sight to behold, which is truly impressive to say the least. Now just imagine what it would be like getting to be her girlfriend. Your family would most likely be shorter than her to be sure.

supertallgirls via Instagram

The struggles of this though would probably be more in line with what their vocations would be. Then again, if they took on a desk job, they would at least be able to use those fancy custom chairs in corporate offices. One of these women is Jessica Pardoe, who claims the honor as Britain’s tallest woman.

When the room is too small

It looks like this photo may have been taken on the lobby of a cruise ship, but we aren’t completely sure since there isn’t enough evidence to go off of. However, according to her post, she is 6’5” which of course puts her well above the average height for a woman (or man) in every corner of the world.

kyrsten_nicole via Instagram

That’s not all, though. She is also used to play professional basketball, too. Apparently being tall comes with its perks as she also knows multiple languages. But suffice it to say it’s probably pretty annoying having to duck your head in situations like this.

Legs ‘n Baes

Who would’ve thought that Mexico could produce tall women? Well turns out this happens to be one of those rare cases. She reportedly stands at an impressive 6-feet, which not only puts her in high standards on this list, but also in the general population of her country, too.

supertallgirls via Instagram

But her height should come as no surprise given those legs. You simply don’t come across something like that every single day. Of course, unless you spend lots of time on a basketball or volleyball team in which case you would obviously be used to hanging around people akin to trees.

Only in Vegas

You know the old saying, ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ has become commonplace in U.S. culture. Well, the same goes for this example, where you have a woman who is 6’6” and was even part of a television show called My Giant Life.

supertallgirls via Instagram

And to be fair, that height puts her towards the upper half of this list, so we would’ve been doing a disservice to omit her. Imagine all of the attention one would garner in a city like Las Vegas. The possibilities are endless.

Thighs ‘n hikes

When you look at this picture, your first focus is always the waterfall in the background. And that goes for most nature-esque photos. But your first reaction should be towards the subject on the left in this picture? Why, you might ask? The answer is simple: she’s 6’3”.

supertallgirls via Instagram

That figure puts her on a moderate scale in comparison to her counterparts on this list. What’s even more impressive is that she isn’t wearing heels either. You would have to assume, too, that regular hikes might be tougher -in terms of stamina- for someone who is of her build.

Six-foot-four can be a big chore

There are many reasons to have a tall friend. There are an incredible amount of uses for them and not only just to be ‘besties’. For starters, they can help with grabbing things for shorter people (or even average-height people in some cases).

supertallgirls via Instagram

And to put it bluntly, 6’4” is well taller than the average height for a woman in the U.S. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, it’s about a foot taller than the average, which is at about 5’4”. It also goes without saying that it’s much taller than the average male height, too.


While the subject is obviously wearing heels in this picture, it’s pretty impressive to see her head is basically the same height as the doorway–which is presumably about 6’8” tall. The subject here is technically 6’7” but suffice it to say we are definitely impressed to say the least.

kyrsten_nicole via Instagram

That height figure also puts her towards the top of our list, although it’s pretty hard to beat Ekaterina Lisina at 6’9”. Unlike Lisina, however, Michelle Van Dyke has not been a part of any professional sports teams as far as we know.

Stooping to new heights?

It’s mighty impressive when you have to stoop down to be anywhere near the height of the person you’re standing next to. In this instance, it’s even more impressive considering the guy next to her is probably just slightly shorter than the average height for a male.

lowerrider via deviantart

At a bounding 6’8”, Lindsay Taylor was one of the tallest players in the WNBA. She has since retired from her professional career, but we wish her Godspeed on her future endeavors, which hopefully will be plentiful.