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Stephen Curry Puts Team LeBron on Notice

Kyrie Irving will play for Team LeBron in the NBA All-Star weekend next month. On Saturday night, he got front seat view of what the opponent would be like.

Stephen Curry put on a shooting and dribbling display in the Warriors win over the Celtics. Irving tried his best to keep up but the defending champions proved too much.

In fact, there were moments in the game when it became an old-fashioned Wild West shootout. The teammates of both top point guards were looking for them all throughout the game. When the smoke cleared, Curry scored 49, including eight out of 13 shots from rainbow country.

Irving, meanwhile, scored 37 points. Between them, the two players only missed 13 shots on 42 field goal attempts.

Durant, under Team Lebron, admitted after the game that they were consciously looking for Curry every time out. And they noticed that the other team were depending on Irving as well to bring them home.

You just got to sit back and enjoy the show,” he said. “You know what I’m saying? Once they got it going, you got to get out of the way.”

The Celtics came into the game with the second-leading defense, after the San Antonio Spurs. The Warriors, meanwhile, have the league’s best offense. The two teams played their own version of who-blinks-first.

Curry has always been effused with praise for his rival’s ball-handling skills as Irving is widely known as probably the player with the best handles in the game. But the Warriors point guard also believes that he’s right up there with his dribbling skills.

“I’ll put myself on there. Kyrie [Irving]. ‘Pistol’ Pete [Maravich] and Magic Johnson,” he said.

The next time both Curry and Irving will see each other will be at the All-Star Game when they both play for different teams.