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Should Stephen Curry’s Ankle Injury Worry Warriors?

Stephen Curry should have had an amazing gameplay this season except that he was sidelined due to recurring ankle injury issues. The reigning MVP missed more than 40 games the previous seasons and his performance terribly dipped in just a few months. So, the question on everybody’s mind is should it really trouble Stephen Curry’s Warriors team?

According to reports from the Guardian, Dr. Richard Ferkel, the surgeon who once attended to Curry’s injuries says, “Ankle sprains are the most common injury in the NBA, primarily because NBA players put a huge amount of stress on their ankles with all the sharp cutting and jumping.”

Curry and his teammate Kevin Durant recently had a shooting contest in the Warriors’ gym where both players practiced for 20 minutes. The Mercury News featured the incident with head coach Steve Kerr saying, “I just pinch myself.”

Although both players are back in the courtside, things are far from being normal. Durant still remains on the sideline as he recovers from a rib injury he sustained from the previous games. He is expected to at least another week of time off.

Curry on the other hand still tries to recover from his ankle injuries and the team has admitted that his ankle has not yet fully healed. He says, “I don’t want to overstate it. There are definitely aspects of bone bruises and ligaments and all of that stuff that happens with ankles that don’t really bother you on the floor. But if you’re being really nitpicky, it’s definitely not 100 percent.”

Kerr says he is not bothered with Curry’s ankle injury as his he cited that the two-week rehab process Curry went through was “very productive.”

With four ankle injuries this season alone, Curry says he is strengthening everything around his ankle and will try to protect himself against sustaining the same injuries. He also adds, “As long as I’m not putting myself in jeopardy of being stable and strong and able to support me with all the moves I try on the floor, I’ll be good to go.”