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Two Steelers Tickets Dangled for Info on the Stolen Bike of Smith-Schuster

The game’s afoot. When Juju Smith-Schuster posted a video on Twitter complaining about the bike he uses to go to practices with the Pittsburgh Steelers got stolen, Antonio Brown just could not take it lying down.

The wide receiver is calling on all Sherlock Holmes out there, or just any willing witness, to help find his teammate’s stolen bicycle.

The 20-year-old posted a video on Twitter on Oct. 24 saying, “Man, someone stole my bike. I ain’t got a bike no more. I’m walking toward practice. This is crazy.” He lives just about a mile from the facility where the team holds its practices.

Smith-Schuster could very well afford a new bicycle after receiving a $1.1 million signing bonus from the Steelers. However, it was pointed out on Twitter that it was his bike and it held a sentimental value. However, ESPN said that the rookie receiver did not report the crime to the Pittsburgh Police Department.

There were also some funny conspiracy theories pointing at teammate Martavis Bryant as the one who stole the rookie‘s bike. The 25-year-old had demanded a trade after seeing his minutes plummet on account of Smith-Schuster.

A couple of days ago, Bryant called out his new teammate saying that the rookie is no better than him. He later took it down after fans criticism and clarified that he had nothing against Smith-Schuster because the latter has great talent. However, he just wants to take what’s his.

The rookie, however, said he has no ill-feelings toward Bryant for calling him out as he understands the frustration of not playing. “I can put myself in his shoes. There’s only one ball. It’s tough. At the end of the day, we have to do what’s best for our team,” he said.

To date, the bicycle has not yet been found.