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Giancarlo Stanton Signs with Yankees, Thanks to Jeter’s Plan to Rebuild Marlins

Giancarlo Stanton may have gotten his wish for a trade to the New York Yankees. But he just had to take a parting shot at new Marlins owner Derek Jeter.

For context, there’s a lot of bad blood there as the organization told Stanton that they planned to make him a “Marlin for life.” This, after the 28-year-old said that he didn’t want to play for a team that is rebuilding.

To be fair, Stanton’s monster of a contract is hard to get rid of. He has 10 years left on the 13-year, $325 million deal. The contract includes a no-trade clause, requiring Stanton to approve any potential deal. The Yankees swooped in to absorb the eight-year veteran, while second baseman Starlin Castro and two Single-A players will go to Miami.

When Jeter assumed leadership of the club, Stanton claimed that he talked to the former Yankees infielder – and he didn’t like what he heard. Instead of following his recommendation to sign a pitcher, Marlins management told Stanton that they needed to make some cuts.

“When I signed up in Miami I wanted things to work out, and I had a good vision there,” Stanton said. “But sometimes things spiral out of place and you need to find a new home.”

Stanton said he could start anew and really compete for the championship with the Yankees, which is just what he wanted in the first place. He also promised not to rock the boat regarding which position he will play or time on the field.

In October, Jeter revealed his master plan for the Marlins. At the time, he acknowledged the need to address the elephant in the room: Stanton’s contract.

“We do have to rebuild the organization,” Jeter said. “It starts with player development and scouting. We will build it from top down and bottom up.”

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