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South African Triathlete Gets His Legs Hacked by Unknown Attackers

South African pride Mhlengi Gwala was reported to be hospitalized after a fatal attack of three unknown assailants that has left him seriously injured last Tuesday.

The attack on the triathlete happened while he was on a training ride late afternoon in the city of Durban. Three unknown attackers dragged him off the road and used a handsaw to try to hack his legs off.

Luckily, South Africa’s deputy sports minister, Gert Oosthuizen found the star athlete at the side of the road before he bleeds to death. The deputy rushed him to the nearest hospital. Oosthuizen said that the local police had taken action and the incident is now under investigation.

The director of the Elite Development program, Dennis Jackson told The Associated Press that Gwala shared to him how it happened.

Gwala told Jackson how the three attackers tried to saw his right calf and was just about to saw the other leg but they started fleeing before they could actually make a serious damage on his left leg.

Jackson shared that Gwala told him that he didn’t have an idea why the attackers suddenly left him in the midst of the attack.

“He dragged himself out of the bush onto the road, and a private security car picked him up and took him to the nearest hospital,” Jackson said. “What the damage to his leg is, we will know in the next few days, I guess,” he added.

Luckily, according to Jackson, the surgeons told him they are confident that the right leg will be saved despite damaging its muscles, nerves, and bone.

The attack was escalated after finding out that the motive wasn’t robbery. Gwala reportedly says that he tried offering the attackers his money and phone but they refused to take them.

The South African authorities are now on a manhunt.