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Sol Campbell, Trinidad & Tobago Assistant Coach, Wants US Coaching Job

Trinidad & Tobago assistant manager Sol Campbell has set his eyes on the coaching job for the US national team. And he already has a plan to widen America’s foothold on the global football arena.


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In an interview with ESPN, he said the failure of the US team to qualify for the World Cup next year should serve as a wake-up call. The whole coaching staff and managers, he said, have a lot of soul-searching to do.

America has invested a lot of money in training and promotions so a fair question he said is where does the national team sees itself in the immediate and the long-term future. The problem is the US team is looking at the same places, doing the same things and expecting a different outcome everytime.


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“Yes, they want to keep it local, and they want to keep as much in USA with the players and the staff, but sometimes you’ve got to open up,” Campbell said. “I think there’s guys around the world who could contribute.”

There’s an opening as coach Bruce Arena offered to step down after the team failed to qualify in the 2018 World Cup. Campbell’s stint as part of the staff of Trinidad & Tobago leaves a lot to be desired when the team finished last in the qualifying rounds, recording just six points in 10 games.

Nevertheless, Campbell has never been shy about his desire to manage a team. Back in July, he gave an interview for The Guardian where he said that he will take any coaching offer even if it comes from a non-league team. He even said that he would forego his salary and instead opt for a win bonus.



“I won’t be up for that four or five years down the line but definitely for the first year, as long as it’s a good club with ambition,” he said. “I’m itching to start.”

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