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Sir Mo Farah Files ‘Racial Harassment’ Complaint Against Airport Security

The sports world was yet caught in another racial controversy after double Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah claimed to have experienced “racial harassment” from the German security at Munich Airport.

Farah was on travel from Munich to Ethiopia in preparation for the London Marathon happening next month when he posted a video of himself on social media blaming airport security of racial harassment.

Farah made his alleged claim by posting a video on his Instagram. The video showed Farah saying: “The guy is touching me up like crazy. Pure harassment. Pure, pure, harassment.” And added another video to his Twitter account saying “sad to see racial harassment in this day and age. 2018…!!! #airport #germany.”

On the contrary, a spokesperson for the Federal Police at Munich airport made a defense statement in regard to the incident.

The spokesperson told ESPN, “The situation Sir Mo Farah was involved yesterday afternoon can be described as follow(s): On the way to his flight  Sir Mo Farah had to pass the security check in Terminal 2 at Munich Airport. Security checks at Munich Airport are carried out by a private security company on behalf of the State of Bavaria.”

The spokesperson’s statement is saying that Sir Mo Farah seemed to not agree with how the airport go about their security check and this made the Olympian very upset and started accusing them of being racists.

As Sir Mo Farah started taking a video which is prohibited, he was then asked to leave the security checkpoint and proceed to the gate, he reportedly refused to do so thus, blocking the area and the other passengers.

“Mr. Farah persistently ignored this second police order so the officer slightly touched him and tried to direct him away from the security check area to the shopping and gate section what you can see in the video.”

The spokesperson final statement was, “The Federal Police officer was properly carrying out his duty. I cannot see any indication of racial harassment by the Federal Police officer at all.”

Meanwhile, Farah’s representative said, “Mo stands by his statement and has lodged a formal complaint with Munich Airport and the German Federal Police.”