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Shaquem Griffin is One Step Closer to Fulfilling NFL Dream

Shaquem Griffin is one step closer after the one-handed linebacker was invited to participate in the NFL scouting combine.


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According to the reports, Griffin made sure to impress the NFL scouts in last week’s Senior Bowl. There were still some doubts that he would get invited to the combine after he revealed that he still didn’t receive any invitation afterwards.

He announced the news on his Twitter account as he first thanked his family, friends and fans for their continued support.

“The entire nation’s behind me and I couldn’t do it without you. I’m going to let you know: something special’s coming soon and you’re going to see it,” he said in the clip. “They invited the right one to the NFL combine. I’m going to show you. I’ve got a lot to prove. Against all odds.”


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The odds of a college player making it to the NFL are astronomical. A study showed that the percentage of NCAA athletes going to the NFL is only about 1.6 percent. The odds of a player being invited to the combine are 1 in 350.

And the study was made on healthy players with all their limbs intact. The 22-year-old is an outlier in the sense that nobody bothered to make a study about the odds of athletes like him. At age 4, doctors had to amputate his left hand, which was deformed due to a birth defect.

Griffin aims to change all that.

The linebacker from University of Florida was named first-team All-American Athletic Conference defender twice. While his speed allowed him to become a pass rusher in college, his frame is just too small to be effective in the NFL.


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He will have a chance to impress some scouts in the combine as they will test him in the 40-yard dash, bench press and other agility evaluations.

Shaquem’s brother, Shaquill, who also plays for Florida, said that with all the accolades that the linebacker received as a college football player, scouts should see that what they perceived as his weakness is actually his greatest strength.

“He proved everybody wrong, he did everything he’s done, he has all the accolades, he’s a baller,” he said.

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