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Scott Frost Blasts Unfair Rankings That Kept Undefeated UCF Out of College Playoffs

The UCF Knights finished the season without a stain on their record, and yet still couldn’t make it to the College Football Playoffs.



Outgoing UCF coach Scott Frost blames the committee, which he claimed is deliberately skewing the rankings just because they play in the American Athletic Conference. Even after going 13-0 this season, the Knights are still ranked 12th among all college football teams.

He told reporters that he still couldn’t understand how the committee thinks that a team with two or three losses would be better than Central Florida just because the Knights play in the AAC.

“It looked like a conscious effort to me to make sure that they didn’t have a problem if they put us too high and a couple teams ahead of us lost,” he said.


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Frost said that UCF just defeated Auburn, which in turn trumped two playoff-bound teams, by seven points and that should count for something.

UCF linebacker Shaquem Griffin also echoed Frost’s sentiments as he said that they already did everything they could to make the playoffs. “Only thing we can keep doing is winning games, and I don’t think we have any more games left to win,” he said.

The AAC is not included in the what is classified as the Power Five Conferences, which include the Big 12 Conference, Big Ten Conference, Pac-12 Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference, and Southeastern Conference (SEC). The term didn’t come from the NCAA but reportedly coined by the media that cover college football.


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The rankings have been criticized particularly as the gap between the Power Five and the rest shrinks, and it’s harder to rule out deserving teams from the College Football Playoffs.

However, Scott will have a chance to test his mettle in the playoffs as he goes back to coach his alma matter, the Nebraska Huskers, which belong to the Big Ten.

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