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Derrick Rose Reunites with Former Bulls Teammates in Wolves

Former MVP Derrick Rose has recently signed a free agent contract with Minnesota Timberwolves. He reunites with his former Chicago Bulls teammates Jimmy Butler and Tyus Jones. Rose will be working alongside Timberwolves head coach Tim Thobedeau.

As part of a three-team deal which ended last month, the 2011 MVP and three times All-Star Guard were traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose became a free agent after Utah Jazz waived his contract.

Derrick Rose sparsely played for the Cavaliers the previous seasons and left the team for two weeks on the grounds of personal issues. He has suffered several knee injuries during his Chicago Bulls stint which halted his court dominance.

ESPN featured the news in an interview done by the local Minnesota sports media. He says, “The only thing I’m missing now is the opportunity. Talking to Thibs, he sounds like he’s going to give me the opportunity, so it’s all about learning the guys and fitting in the right time.”

Rose also added that he is not worried about his role with his new Wolves teammates and is sure that he will fit in with point guard allies Tyus Jones and Jeff Teague. He will be playing the rest of the 2017-2018 seasons with his new team.

He says, “I think I can play with anybody, to tell you the truth. I know the game. I’m not a selfish player. I’m not here for stats or anything like that. I just want to win and help this team and [the] franchise win.”

According to the same media outlet, the Cleveland Timberwolves head coach has this to say, “We just thought he could help the team. That’s what our expectations are: come in, be a good teammate, try to help us win.”

He also stressed that Rose has been around to know what goes on with every game and that being with the same guys he has worked with in his previous contracts is an advantage for him.