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Rockets Officially Contest Clippers Win Over Alleged Faulty Officiating

The Houston Rockets petitioned the NBA to investigate the 128-118 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night over an alleged questionable call that turned the tide of the game.

A report from ESPN said that the Rockets are still waiting for a reply from the league office over the protest they lodged.

The protest revolved around the call made by an official that should have thrown out Jawun Evans with 3:10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. In the replay, the foul was clearly made by Clippers guard Jawun Evans but the infraction was credited to Lou Williams instead.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers said that Evans’ defensive pressure allowed all the other players to close out on the shooters of the Rockets.

Guard Austin Rivers, who finished with 36 points, was also all praises for Evans whom he called as his “favorite player tonight” because of the way he played defense. “For Jawun to be a rookie, 5-foot-10, 5-11 … 160 pounds guarding probably the MVP this year,” he told ESPN. “Come on, man. That was incredible.”

James Harden breached the 50-point mark for the second time in so many games. Both games—against the Lakers and the Clippers—were losses, however. The MVP candidate also committed eight turnovers, which probably didn’t help their cause.

The NBA upholding a protest is a very rare occurrence. For one, teams don’t really file petitions to change the outcome of the game during the regular season. In fact, the last time it happened was back in 2008 when the Heat and the Hawks were ordered to replay the final 51 seconds of the game because the Shaquille O’Neal was thrown out even if he had just committed five fouls.

The Rockets are still on top of the Western Conference standings on a record of 26-5, followed by the defending champs, Golden State Warriors (27-7). The Clippers, meanwhile, are struggling at 10th place on a record of 13-19.