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Astros Coach Rich Dauer Almost Died From Hematoma After World Series: Report

Houston Astros first base coach Rich Dauer was rushed to the hospital during the World Series parade after he turned pale and stumbled.

According to the report from The Athletic, Dauer also noticed something is wrong as he complained to assistant coach Alonzo Powell that he doesn’t “feel too good.” The other coaches were concerned and huddled around him and then he could not answer all their questions anymore.

He was immediately rushed by the EMT to the Houston Methodist hospital.

Dr. James Muntz sensed that something is very wrong upon seeing Dauer, particularly his posture which points to sign of damage to the brain. Upon initial tests, the 65-year-old remained unresponsive. A CAT scan was ordered the results revealed blood all over the brain.

There’s another complication that doctors found out and that’s because of the blood thinner that Dauer was taking due to his heart condition. However, Muntz made the decision to just put a very expensive reversal agent on Dauer so they can proceed with the emergency surgery.

Just minutes after he was wheeled into the operating room, Dauer was already in coma.

The race to save his life is on.

Neurosurgeons arrived at the hospital within four minutes and drain all the excess blood. Even if he survived, the prognosis is bad based on similar cases that the surgeons had operated on in the past. “Most of these people end up vegetative, in a nursing home,” Dr. David Cech, one of the neurosurgeons, explained.

But then a miracle happened. Dauer quickly became responsive and was recovering quite well. Just days after the surgery, he was already out of bed.

While Dauer was enjoying the Astros parade, he didn’t tell the other coaches that the previous night he slipped and slammed his head hard against the floor. He didn’t notice any symptoms and thought he was fine. It was at that moment that blood started to collect outside his brain.

If there’s any doubt that his recovery was a miracle, consider this: Dauer was only given a three percent chance of surviving before going under the knife.