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Former Redskins QB Mark Rypien Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

Following the suicide of Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinsky last January, former Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien opened up about his mental health struggles and a suicide attempt he did because of his condition.

In an interview done by a Washington-based KHQ-TV program, Rypien says, “I suffer from a complex stew of mental health conditions. Dark places, depression, anxiety, addictions, poor choices, poor decisions, brought about from dozens of concussions, and thousands of sub-concussive injuries from playing this sport.”

Rypien also stressed that he is only alive today because his wife, Danielle, saved him from committing suicide. He tells the story of how he took “150 pills and a bottle of booze”. He said, “If it wasn’t for my wife coming home and finding me on the floor, and shoving hydrogen peroxide down my throat and charcoal, to throw up all these pills, I wouldn’t be here today.”

The former Redskins quarterback has had an impressive career for over a decade. He started his football career as a star quarterback for Spokane Shadle Park High prior to playing with Washington Redskins. He played six seasons with the team and won the title of MVP in 1992’s Super Bowl XXVI. He served his retirement from the game in 2002.

Rypien was also involved in many controversies including a class-action lawsuit with the league for “repeated traumatic injuries to the head” sustained during his lifetime career. He was also involved in a domestic dispute, but his wife refused to tell police officers what happened fearing her husband’s personal safety.

He told KHQ, “Let’s address this now. Let me share my story so others can share theirs. Let’s get rid of this silence that happens when you’re caught up in this cycle and you don’t know how to find the help I’ve been afforded. There are ways to get help. There’s great work going on in our community. But we need to team up and do more.”

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