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10 Wide Receivers Who The Blew Their NFL Careers And Have Next To Nothing Today

Some draft picks don’t work out well. That’s OK, a couple of seasons in the NFL with a decent contract can set you up for life if you are careful. These wide receivers weren’t careful. They were all decent draft picks. They all delivered nothing on the field and their current lives are all either humdrum or straight up awful.

Mike Williams’ Back Took Him Out

SB Nation

A herniated disc in his training sessions after being picked 7th in 2017 meant that Williams’ career in the NFL has been instantly forgettable. He cost too much to let go in 2018, but we don’t expect to see him anywhere near the field this year. He’s over.

David Terrell’s Close Shave

Sports Illustrated

He was eighth in the draft in 2001 but at the age of 25, he was out. He blames this on everyone but himself. At the age of 39, he was acquitted on felony drug charges.

Rae Carruth Is Doing Hard Time

New York Daily News

He signed a contract for $4 million. Then he tried to have the mother of his child killed by hiring a hitman. He got caught. He was sentenced to 18-24 years. His NFL time was done.

Jon Baldwin Is Now Unemployed

Niners Nation

Baldwin joined the Kansas City Chiefs but was traded out to the 49ers a season later and then dumped at the age of 23. Five years later, he’s still unemployed.

Reggie Williams Struggles With Addiction

The Grueling Truth

A punch-up in a nightclub saw an ignominious end to Williams’ time at the Jacksonville Jaguars. Today, he’s still said to be dealing with drug and alcohol addictions and to be a shadow of his former self.

Troy Edwards: The Youth Coach

Behind The Steel Curtain

He didn’t do well after being picked by The Pittsburgh Steelers, but Troy doesn’t regret his time in the NFL. He says it made him a better man. He now coaches youth football for a living.

Thomas Lewis Also Failed As A School Coach

USA Today

Picked by The Giants in 1994, Thomas Lewis barely saw any action before being pushed out before his 26th birthday. He took up coaching at a local school but has since resigned.

Justin Blackmon’s Alcoholic Descent Into Despair

USA Today

A fantastic footballer, but a poor drunk. Justin Blackmon’s off-field antics cost him his career. He’s banned from playing ever again, but does coach youth football on an occasional basis now.

Charles Rogers: From NFL To Auto Repairs

USA Today

He was All-American in 2002. Then in 2003 he injured himself, and by 2006 he was sent packing for a drug habit. His footballing life behind him, he got a job in an auto repair shop.

Freddie Mitchell Fought The Law And The Law Is Winning

Philly Influencer

Mitchell joined The Eagles in 2000 and was drummed out for being bad in 2005. Since then, he’s turned bad and has been in near-constant trouble with the law.

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