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Radko Gudas May Be Suspended for Slamming Stick on Mathieu Perrault’s Neck

The NHL summoned Radko Gudas of the Flyers to a meeting on Friday in New York on Monday to discuss his action to bring down the stick hard on Jets’ center Mathieu Perrault’s neck on Thursday night.

Perreault first hit Gudas on the helmet before the Flyers player responded with a vicious slam. Both players received penalties: Gudas got a misconduct and five-minute slashing major. The Jets player, meanwhile, received a minor high-sticking penalty.

Per Yahoo Sports, Gudas has developed a reputation over the years of playing dirty. He has been penalized and summoned several times to disciplinary hearings, but never really received a major punishment except for the six-game suspension for an incident with Austin Czarnik of the Boston Bruins in October last year.

Two years ago, Gudas was also suspended for three games for hitting Mika Zibanejad to the head.

According to USA Today, there’s no report yet on whether Gudas intended to go. However, historically, when a player is summoned to the league headquarters for a meeting, it usually means a five game suspension, at least.

The league is expected to rule at around 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Perreault, meanwhile, told the publication that he will leave it up to the NHL to decide on the matter. The center said that it’s a good thing that the Flyers player only hit the “meaty part of the neck,” which could have been worse if he hit bone.

“He apologized in the penalty box, but when you look at the replay, it looks like he did it on purpose,” he said. “It wasn’t an accident. He’s been known for doing stuff like that, so I certainly don’t appreciate it. I’m sure the league will take care of it.”

To date, Gudas and the Flyers have not a issued a statement regarding this new development.