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Odell Beckham Jr. Can Pull A 5,600 lb SUV Uphill

Odell Beckham Jr. just can’t seem to stop making the headlines recently. The New York Giants wide receiver is definitely making news for the right reasons.

There Was That Catch

Yes, back in 2014 Odell Beckham famously caught the ball one-handed. It is often regarded, even today, as the finest catch that football has ever seen.


He was falling backward in mid-air when he not only caught the ball but turned it into a touchdown. It seems unlikely that anybody is going to beat that achievement any time soon.

His Hundred-Reception Season

It was only a matter of time for the hard-working, highly-talented player, but in 2016, he recorded his first hundred-reception season.

The Big Lead

In the same year, he also became the fastest player in the history of the game to reach 200 receptions and the fastest player to make 4,000 career receiving yards.

The Secret Of His Success And A Denali Truck

To be as good as Odell Beckham on the field takes a whole lot of work off the field. He does 2 x 2-hour workouts a day and often at odd times. He once took a journalist for a training session at 2 a.m! He’s also been working with Jamal Liggin to improve his speed as well as his strength and the expectation is that he will become even faster and more capable when running the ball.


However, it has had some strange side benefits and recently, Odell hit the headlines again when he was caught on video pulling a 5,600lb GMC Yukon Denali truck uphill! It’s worth noting that there has to be a driver inside to hit the brakes too, so the total weight is likely to have been around 5,800 lbs. That’s a serious lift for anyone. Well done, Odell.

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