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NFLPA Petitions Court to Reconsider Injunction on Ezekiel Elliott’s Suspension

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) is certainly not giving up on Ezekiel Elliott as the group filed an appeal on Tuesday after the preliminary injunction request was junked by the court.

The petition was filed before 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals following the ruling of Judge Katherine Polk Failla denied the injunction motion. However, the judge gave the union lawyers 24 hours to contest the ruling.

With the injunction plea thrown out, it means the six-game suspension imposed by the league on Elliott over domestic abuse took into effect again. Until the court rules on the appeal, the running back could not participate in Dallas Cowboys’ practices. It also means that he will miss the game against the Chiefs on Sunday, said ESPN.

In its appeal, the NFLPA said that the judge’s ruling, which scoffed on the claim by Elliott that the suspension will cause “irreparable harm,” failed to take into account that NFL players typically have “short career spans.”

The judge also hinted that the lawyers failed to establish the long-term harm given Elliott’s health and the Dallas Cowboys record. The Cowboys won over the Washington Redskins on Sunday on a score of 33-19. If the Elliott suspension stands, he will only be eligible to play on Dec. 17.

Michael McCann reported that the judge used the Tom Brady suspension as precedent in her ruling on Elliott’s suspension.

Elliott’s suspension is a big blow for Dallas’ offense because he is one of NFL’s top running backs. In seven games for instance, Elliott ranks third in rushing as he ran 690 yards during that span. He also scored six touchdowns on rushes.

But Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said they can still hold the fort due to their veteran running backs should Elliott be suspended. ”We have some depth at that position. It’s not like we’re just living this day and we don’t think about the future at all,” he said.