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NFL Player Gets Irish Dance Lessons To Improve His Footwork

A recent video of running back NFL player Alex Collins went viral because of his seamless footwork doing an Irish dance.

Alex Collins

(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

The Baltimore Ravens player who is famous for being the third player to hit an SEC and Razorback history record for a respective 1,000 yard season and 3,703 rushing yard is seen to be doing pretty good with Irish tap dance.

Collins is known to have started his love for Irish dance because of his football coach’s daughter in high school. Bryanne Gatewood, who is an Irish dance performer started taking Collins to her performances and had debates with the football player about Irish tap dance as not being a sport.

Their debate lingered for some years and ended with a challenge for the football superstar to try tap dance for himself. Never wanting to back down, Collins decided to give it a try.

The viral video of Collins doing Irish tap dance was posted in the Baltimore Ravens Twitter account. His fans quickly picked up on his impressive skills applauding him for his fancy footwork.

Apparently, he decided to take on Irish dance to improve his footwork in the field. The constant swift movement of the feet during a tap dance does improve agility and foot performance.

Collins is taking Irish dance lessons in Drake School of Irish Dance in Florida and the video posted on the Raven’s Twitter account was with his dancing partner.

The Baltimore Ravens site covered the news with Collins saying, “I have my own little routine. I have my own hard shoes and everything. People made fun of me, and I’m like, it helps with my footwork and my conditioning.”

Collins was also featured in Sports Illustrated last year emphasizing the values of cardio exercise and strength conditioning. He explains that the constant jumping and toe landing makes Irish dance a unique footwork exercise.