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Finding The Funniest NFL Signs

Finding The Funniest NFL Signs


“No one cheers on their team like NFL fans. From the New England Patriots to Cowboys Nation, these diehard fanbases are as crazy and as sports fans come. Turns out they’re pretty clever too.

These football fans totally stole the show with their ruthless and ridiculous signs that make us want to pick up some poster board for the next game. We all know which one of these funny NFL signs we would bring.”

1. Rebuilding… Forever

No point in wasting time. Let’s start things off with the hapless Cleveland Browns and this long-faced fella who sums up every single Browns fan since the team’s inception. We have to appreciate this fan’s immaculate attention to detail with his spot on depiction of Cleveland’s woeful football franchise, the Factory of Sadness.

nfl signs

Three if by Strike

First, we have the presentation itself:

It wouldn’t be like the Browns to simply present this poster for others to see. One must embody the utter despair with a look that says, “I may or may not have just finished serious cry sesh.”

Couple this forlorn gaze into the void with appropriately layered clothing for Cleveland’s frigid cold, and finish off the trifecta with a poster as plain as the Browns uniforms.


2. Boys will be Boys

Props to this Eagles fan for bottling up the spirit of Philadelphia sports into one simple poster. It isn’t about rooting for the home team so much as it is disrespecting everything the opposing team stands for. This guy made sure to cover all of his bases with a nice two-for-one quarterback shot.

nfl signs

Pro Football Zone

Torching former Chicago Bear quarterback Jay Cutler is a classic NFL pastime for fans, but just because the Eagles were facing the Bears that day doesn’t mean other opponents shouldn’t have a target on their back too.

Philly’s hatred for the Dallas Cowboys (and vice versa) has made for a timeless rivalry that feels as raw as ever. In the City of Brotherly Love, there’s no wrong way to diss a Cowboy.

3. Tough Breakup

Splitting up with a significant other can be one of the hardest things we ever experience in life. When it turns out that love of our life is actually the 53-man roster that makes up the football team we live to root for… it goes from not pretty to downright ugly.

nfl signs

Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

No one wants to see a grown man cry. Now multiply that sentiment by an entire football stadium and we get the poor city of San Diego, desperately pleading they change so their beloved Chargers won’t leave for their popular Los Angelino neighbors.

Love hurts. Leave it to LA to steal a sweetheart sports team and toss it aside like yesterday’s news. Not Super.

4. Neither Snow Nor Rain

For all of the trash talk the Philadelphia dishes out, the city gets just as much in return. One witty football fan flexed their pun game so strong with this sign even the most diehard Eagles fans can appreciate. Either that, or accept the fact that since a majority of the league despises the Birds, finding the culprit is like finding a needle in a haystack.

nfl signs


One thing all NFL fans can find common ground on is some level of disdain for our flawed government (so many branches to choose from!) and the USPS delivers us that in package form. Slowly, of course.

Thank backup quarterback Nick Foles finally delivering the city its first Super Bowl since 1960, Eagles fans may finally be able to look at this without being consumed by rage.

5. Playoffs?!

It’s one thing to attend an NFL game during the regular season; going to the playoffs is another thing entirely. Tickets are often gone as soon as they’re made available, so fans need to jump at any opportunity available. Unfortunately, sometimes that “window of opportunity” is less open than it appears. This Vikings fan saw a wide-open window that turned out to be all glass. (Here’s the fateful field goal that crushed this fan.)

nfl signs


Since these are NFL fans, they know it’s their duty to keep it classy. This is likely why both the Packers and Cardinals fans grieved along with this kid by mocking his pain with some supportive boohoos.

We’ll give this fan the benefit of the doubt and assume he intentionally left out the “H” to symbolize the kicker’s inability to find the uprights.

6. Hooray for Settling!

Aside from the select few teams that are just happy to reach the postseason and end whatever brutal playoff drought they had endured up to that point, it’s Super Bowl or bust in the NFL. That means there are going to be a whole lot of unhappy football fans when January rolls around every year.

nfl signs

Then, there’s this one optimistic Green Bay Packers fan. No doubt, this Rodgers fan is a glass half full kind of girl.

Pouting about the team’s broken dreams isn’t going to accomplish anything, so may as well celebrate the Pro Bowl’s tropical weather (formerly Hawaii; now Orlando, FL) in what’s otherwise the worst all-star weekend in professional sports.

7. A Harsh Reality

The Washington Redskins may not be the worst team in the league, but their front office sure does its best year and out to throw their name into the conversation. Not only are the good people of D.C. already victims of taxation without representation, their outlet to have some fun is rooting for the Skins. Woof.

nfl signs

New York Post

Washington sports fans have endured years of cheering for teams utterly destitute of success. Whenever it’s looked like the team’s on the right track, possibly stringing together a few solid games, team owner Dan Snyder diligently works to ensure that does not last.

(Shout-out Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals for finally bringing the horrific suffering of our nation’s capital to an end.)

8. Sunday Specials

If not to cheer on the home team, then spectators absolutely need to attend NFL games for the sole purpose of scoring some sweet deals, right? Just look at this Baltimore Ravens fan, who is mortified by the thought of a players strike that would bar him from taking advantage of some Sunday steals.

nfl signs


Sadly, as clever as this sign is, getting four beers for $35 might only be possible by throwing a crumpled up wad of bills at the cashier and booking it before they get a chance to realize they were shortchanged.

At least the price of three bites of Dippin’ Dots still only costs one soul.

9. Could be Worse

For too long, New York Jets fans have endured being a walking, talking skeleton key of phenomenal fan rebuttals. It doesn’t matter if it’s after a brutal loss, the end of a horrible season or something else negative entirely, fans can always look on the brighter side – at least they aren’t the Jets.

nfl signs


“Could be worse” is the sentiment fans of 30 NFL teams – sorry, not you, Cleveland – can always share should their team suffer a dismal season.

If there’s one thing New York’s (other) faithful followers have on the rest of us, it’s thick skin. You’re either born with it, or you’ve been a Jets fan long enough.

10. Consistency is Key

No matter how embarrassing a draft pick, trade, play, game or entire season may be for Jets fans (obligatory butt fumble video), nothing they suffer will ever come close to the broken mental state that manifests from willingly being a part of the Cleveland Browns’ bleak existence. Existential dread was born out of the Factory of Sadness.

nfl signs

Boston Herald

While the Jets stumble through each season as smooth as Larry, Moe and Curly from The Three Stooges, the Browns approach losing with a calculated precision that borders what some would consider crimes against humanity.

On the plus side, at least decades of squander helped this poor guy save some money on supplies.

11. A Lion’s Pride

The Browns have had a monopoly on setting the bar low for NFL standards, but let’s not forget that the Detroit Lions gave Cleveland a run for its money in heroic fashion. Starting in 2001, it legitimately looked like the Lions might surpass the Browns as the worst franchise in the NFL, as highlighted by the league’s first ever winless season in 2008.

nfl signs

Detroit News

Thanks in large part to franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford, the Lions have clawed their way out of the bitter pits of despair. That doesn’t mean they can’t still poke some fun at the Browns for being the first to do the only thing the Factory of Sadness does best – lose like it’s going out of style.

12. Walked Right Into That One

If commissioner Roger Goodell and team owners are taken out of the equation, the top villain left to direct all anger towards is a target big enough to see and hate from anywhere in the country. Come on, who else could it possibly be? We all know it’s Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

nfl signs

The New York Times

After Brady’s infamous Deflategate scandal, fans from pretty much every team around the league finally had some solid ammunition to put the Evil Empire on blast, especially the Indianapolis Colts who were on the wrong end of TB12’s underinflated balls. (No pun intended. Yikes.)

As for the Indy fans who took advantage of their tunnel seats, well played.

13. So Bad It’s Good

Let’s be honest, the fact that every single sign on this list isn’t of a Cleveland Browns fan trashing their team took an unholy amount of restraint. Hard times make for creative minds – it’s like the beauty only a struggling artist can create… but sadder. If the Browns can’t beat any NFL teams, they’ll try and try again.

nfl signs

SB Nation

When repeatedly trying again for years and years doesn’t work, it’s time for a completely new approach.

Bring on the college teams, baby.

Just the thought of Cleveland fans roaring as the Browns actually take the field to face the NCAA powerhouse Alabama Crimson Tide is every bit as hilarious as it is depressing.

14. Impossible Chores

If there’s any NFL city we can trust to be fully prepared for whatever winter’s got every time Christmas rolls around, it’s Buffalo. Canada’s closest neighbors are as one with winter as humanly possible, meaning they know how to clear the roads and make way for Santa to touch down and do his thing. Prep all they want for Santa’s arrival, it still won’t help St. Nick deliver one thing.

nfl signs

Rich Barnes / Getty Images

A win.

The Bills Mafia can plow every last road, cook up truckloads of wings and write every single letter requesting saying all they want for Christmas is this one thing. The reality is, it just doesn’t matter. Only the Bills can a ‘W’ to Buffalo in December.

As much as it hurts, even Mr. Claus knows putting that type of responsibility on the Bills is asking for a nearly undeliverable gift.

15. Cleveland Chic

Here it is – the legendary Cleveland Browns quarterback jersey. In the 1999 NFL draft, the Browns used the No. 1 overall pick on quarterback Tim Couch. What was hoped to be Cleveland’s savior turned into an ever-growing list of names – innocent young men turned lost souls after enduring the misfortune of starting under center for where dreams go to die.

nfl signs


The craziest part about this giant list is the last name, Johnny Manziel, is already far from the bottom. There have been another seven since.

The Browns used the No. 1 overall pick of the 2018 NFL draft to take Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield. May he be the eighth and final QB on this long, sad list.

16. Small Victories

This Green Bay Packers fan was not messing around taking this intense sign to the game. At a glance, it seems like she got a nice parting shot at her ex, as lounging out on the couch watching the game only to see this poster pop up on TV was likely a less than desirable surprise.

nfl signs


On the other hand, boldly waving a poster to announce that your relationship was a total disaster doesn’t seem like the healthiest way to get over it and move on.

Taking the green and red lettering and all of the Santa hats into account seems to hint that this was a holiday affair (zing), soooo Happy Holidays?

17. Pops is a Pittsburgh Fan

Never underestimate the power of the football gods. No one understands that more than the holiest Pittsburgh Steelers fan in all the Terrible Towel-waving land. Fans all across the nation look up to the sky and pray for a miracle when it matters most, but this guy has some serious pull.

nfl signs

It really is a fantastic image: Jesus, in the flesh, waving one of Pittsburgh’s Terrible Towels and giving coach some otherworldly advice. Even better – Jesus chilling on his belly, feet in the air, surrounded by markers while coloring this in.

Silly as the thought may be, the obvious move here is to run the ball. Definitely not trying to upset Big Poppa.

18. For the Sake of Sign

There are fan signs that profess love for a player, signs that boil down hatred for a player into a few choice words (or images) and sometimes even simply point out an observation. Then there are signs that are signs just for the sake of signs. Sounds silly, but there’s no arguing that the best way to get on TV is to make a sign, and who doesn’t want to get a little TV loving?

nfl signs


The many wonderful things a child’s innocence has to offer the world is always a breath of fresh air at an NFL game (or any pro sport; let’s be real, people). This cardboard sign illustrates exactly why.

Why, yes. Yes, that is a cardboard sign. And, yes, that definitely just got you on CBS.

Well done, small child. Never grow up. We have enough of those already.

19. Dumb and Dumber

Whoever is willing to sit (or stand) through an entire Green Bay Packers game without a winter jacket is rugged. A person willing to go through one of these frigid games without a shirt is just plain crazy or just plain dumb…. or a very unhealthy mixture of both. Frostbite, anyone?

nfl sign


On the plus side, this guy isn’t as dumb as his brother, at least according to his sign. That poor guy has apparently been rooting for the Raiders on purpose! It’s true what they say – for some people, winning really isn’t everything.

Who are we kidding, this guy’s brother is soaking up the sun in California. Point Raiders bro.

20. Always Clowning Around

No matter how a player or team may become hated over the years, it will never reach the level of animosity felt for commissioner Roger Goodell. Be it Goodell’s blatant disregard for the players’ health and safety or acting as the team owners’ patsy, players and fans always have more than enough reason to have a strong distaste for the league commissioner.

nfl signs

CBS Boston

Goodell’s questionable means of suspending Patriots quarterback Tom Brady – though plenty of disgruntled fans agreed with the decision – in 2016 was the final straw. New England fans struck up the rally call that “Roger Goodell is a clown,” and it’s been accepted as fact since.

Really though, this was more of a scientific confirmation, giving proof of what we already knew to be true.

21. Two Wrongs DO Make a Right

This young Vikings fan must absolutely crush it in school. He’s a boss. First off, he’s already clearly a math whiz with the way he’s dropping this double negative knowledge on us. Second, no doubt he has a good roast ready if anyone tries getting a good burn on him.

nfl signs


There is one glaring question here, though. How is it this little purple people eater has two Cheeseheads for parents when he’s clearly living in Minnesota? Good for him for standing up to the big green and going skol.

Another option is mom and pops are from Green Bay, in which case, get ahold of your son. Can’t tolerate such blasphemous insubordination.

22. Reality Show Problems

This Broncos fan was not playing games when she sat down to write up this bad boy. There were no intentions of making this poster look pretty (buying a pink board is about as far as that effort went); this was all about coming up with a message that would hit right in the big fat feels.

nfl signs

Sports Retriever

Props for The Biggest Loser reference, because that’s actually pretty clever. But good lord, what is going on with the execution here?!

Sheesh, maybe just make the font, you know, big enough so that the Chiefs fan right in front of you doesn’t have to squint to read it. Maybe she was stylistically going for the kidnapper ransom note look.

23. Feeling Deflated

One of the rarer occurrences in the NFL is capturing a genuine smile on the face of a Bills fan. There simply aren’t many opportunities for such an occasion, especially when the Patriots are involved. Of course, the only thing most of the country has to smile about involving the Patriots is watching any pain or suffering involving Tom Brady.

nfl signs


When all else fails, Deflategate jokes never go stale.

Even if they did go stale a while ago, which will never be the case when TB12 is involved, just imagine being the one to break the news and wiping away the joy on their innocent faces. Go ahead and tell them that isn’t clever and the Bills stink. Yeah, didn’t think so.

24. A Warm Philly Welcome

As always, Philly shows up with yet another flawless display of fandom by dishing out some of that unparalleled love the city’s become so famous for. Actually, this G-rated form of hostility is something we can all get behind, considering the special occasion. It’s the 2017 NFL Draft, meaning there’d be an appearance by the beloved commissioner.

nfl signs

SB Nation, Daily Hampshire Gazette

Since Philadelphia was hosting the draft, this Eagles fan wanted to be sure he came prepared.

It is every NFL fan’s duty to mercilessly boo Roger Goodell. This guy just wanted to be 100 percent certain that even if the commissioner couldn’t hear all of the individual hate, he could still see it without any problems.

25. ’Memberberry Skittles

There’s never a bad time for a South Park reference and, for Patriots fans, there’s never a bad time to rub their championships in the rest of the league’s face. These little nostalgic ’Memberberries that love to remember the glory days so much are recalling a certain moment from one of Tom Brady’s many Super Bowl appearances.

nfl signs

Boston Herald

The Seattle Seahawks looked to be headed toward certain victory, marching down the field in the final two minutes. With 27 seconds on the clock and one yard to go, a handoff to red zone assassin Marshawn Lynch would assure victory.

Rather than juice up Lynch with some Skittles and let the man go Beast mode… they passed.

’Member? (See fourth sign for help ’membering aid.)

26. Cincy So Fine

Let’s take it back to a simpler time, a time when Chad Ochocinco simply went by his given name, Chad Johnson. Let the nostalgia wash over and remember how football was just about football, not the individual. When celebrations rarely ventured past the simple spike of the football.

nfl signs

Unless we’re talking about guys like this Bengals legend, Mr. Ochocinco.

Between Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens, there was enough personality to distribute across a few football leagues. With the number of ridiculous celebrations these two bust out at every game, they probably earned enough fines to fund a few leagues too.

27. Wait, Really?

It has been a long and slow journey for the Jaguars to build up a respectable program in Jacksonville. There have been more than a few bumps along the way, but the wait is finally paying off. Of course, INSANE decisions like the one this poster points out have not helped.

nfl signs


In 2012, the Jags actually decided that selecting a punter in the third round would be a fantastic idea. Five picks later, the Seahawks took Russel Wilson off the board.

Two Super Bowl appearances later, Jacksonville fans probably feel pretty much the same as they did when this first happened.

28. Winner Winner?

There are three options, and three options only that could possibly describe the sign situation we have going on here: a) This is the most unbelievably optimistic homeless person. b) She is the most diehard Eagles fan in Philly. c) It’s an insane coincidence, and she’s talking about a different Tom Brady.

nfl signs

Corey Perrine / Getty Images

We do have to give this girl some credit since Nick Foles came out of Super Bowl LII hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in victory, while Brady went home with nothing.

Then again, Brady went home, so… you know, even though he went home with nothing, he still went back to something. We’ll give this one to her anyways.

29. Regal Bird

Could it be that Philly really has royalty suiting up under center for the Birds? We doubt it, but may as well just Google “Eagles quarterback” to take a little loo. By the big-hatted guards of Buckingham Palace, it’s marvelous. It’s official, Carson Wentz is the undisputed ltimate bearded doppelganger of Prince Harry.

nfl signs

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

The Eagles may not be landing the next in line for king of the British throne, but holy man of Meghan Markle did Philly still score big by getting House Windsor to quarterback its team.

Who needs Prince Charles? All we want are some stylized Queen’s Guard helmets on the O-line to complete the outfit.

30. Never Forget

There are some things that – no matter how bad we may wish and want it to happen – there is no coming back from or getting over. For the Atlanta Falcons, that’s the devastating loss suffered at the hands of the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. Sorry, Atlanta, but it was really only a matter of time before this came up.

nfl signs

Sean Gardner / Getty Images

It’s one thing having to deal with gloating Patriots fan, but when the ENTIRE league constantly serves reminders that Atlanta blew a 28-3 lead… that’s just living in nightmare.

And you know it’s powerful when teams that haven’t even come close to a Super Bowl appearance in years still use it and it actually hurts.

31. Nice Weather, Bad Football

Between the Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers, we have two beautiful sunny cities that bring nothing but joy and two terrible football teams that bring nothing but sorrow. Scratch that, we only have ONE team that disappoints its city now that Los Angeles stole San Diego’s squad.

nfl signs

Donald Miralle / Getty Images

By far the best part of this picture is that this Dolphins fan actually got two people to autograph a sign that is trashing their team. Looks like this Fins fan got the last laugh in multiple ways, now that he gets to remind his smart pal his team is MIA. Too soon?

32. Wrong Football

No surprise to see disgruntled Chargers fans coming out in droves with the way owner Dean Spanos screwed both the entire city of San Diego and the team. Without a doubt, the decision to move the Chargers to Los Angeles immediately ranks the team dead last in city support, and we’re talking professional and college teams.

nfl signs

Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

Not only is essentially every “home” game essentially an away game for the Chargers in LA, they are literally playing in a soccer stadium.

This poor guy’s sign sums it all up. Two Hall of Fame players who enjoyed the entirety of their careers in a city that loved and cheered for them will end their careers in a tiny stadium filled with opposing fans.

33. Revenge!

This Falcons fan is willing to accept the reality of the traumatic experience the Patriots put them through in Super Bowl LI. With Atlanta pitted against the AFC East, they’d at least get a shot at some redemption in the regular season. That’d have to wait a couple weeks. First, the lowly Bills.

nfl signs

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

The worst part? The Bills ended up handing an ‘L’ to the Falcons. To make matters worse, the Dolphins did the same thing next week. Don’t forget the Patriots repeated the process the following week.

Atlanta may be east coast, but they don’t want anything to do with the AFC East. Woof.

34. Other Way Around

That’s clever and all, except for the whole thing where this Cowboys fan seems to have forgotten we haven’t been in the ‘90s for quite some time now. Not only have the Cowboy’s not won a Super Bowl since 1995, the Eagles literally went on to win it all in 2017. 20/20 hindsight, right?

nfl signs

Rich Schultz / Getty Images

This Cowboys fan bragging about championships from decades ago is the football equivalent of Yankees fans constantly dropping “27 titles” on us. That’s really neat, guys. Were you there for those back to back pennants in 1927 and 1928? We’re so angry we missed those and all the others they won before we were born.

35. Priceless

Nothing wrong with enjoying a little more trashing of our favorite San Diegan villain, Dean Spanos. Prices of every and anything at an NFL game always manage to clean out our pockets, but just thinking about that first line is a hard pill to swallow. Buying a pair of season tickets for $2,600 is one thing, but for the Chargers?!

nfl chargers sign

Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

The fact that an organization that’s been this poorly run for such a long time could have the audacity to drop those prices is outrageous.

For the sake of being fair, that “silver spoon” part about Spanos is quite accurate, so maybe it’s a simple misunderstanding and he just doesn’t understand the value of a dollar. Wait, this isn’t even funny… Thanks for killing the vibe again, Spanos.

36. Go, Internet!

Go, Firefox! No, seriously. Go. Fire Fox. What looks like nothing more than the Firefox internet browser logo to the vast majority means something else entirely to Chicagoans. Bears fans would see that sign and nod approvingly, as former John Fox’s tenure (2015-17) as Chicago’s head coach ended with one of the worst records in team history (14-34).

nfl signs


This image perfectly captures the tumultuous times of the Fox-led Bears. Three straight seasons finishing dead last in the NFC North was enough to bring disgruntled fans out of the woodwork all the way in Philadelphia to speak on Chi-Town’s behalf.

Two positives: This fan’s genius is showing, and the Bears finally don’t suck.

37. Never Sunny in Seattle

Ahh, the great Pacific Northwest. The spectacular corner of the States known for its lush greenery, stunning national parks and the rainiest rain rain ever rained. Seattleites understand that dreary fact as well as anyone from the the cloudiest coast, and this Seattle Seahawks fan took it upon himself to spread the world.

nfl signs

Although there’s some highly questionable comma and apostrophe usage, we’ll look past the offending grammar to appreciate the ski-goggled good Samaritan’s message, because that’s what matters most.

Heed his warnings: Seattle literally rains on any parade, even if it’s for the Super Bowl champion Seahawks.

Any city that rains on its team’s parade simply can’t be trusted. No wonder the Supersonics left.

38. Appetite for Cardboard

A certain someone in North Carolina who really digs the Panthers is NOT happy about a particular past player. Cam Newton may be Superman, but even superhero quarterbacks need capable receivers if throwing is going to be a part of the game plan. Therein lies the problem with wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin.

kelvin benjamin bills sign


After a monster rookie season, a torn ACL looks to have been the downfall of the promising receiver. He came back looking a whole lot heftier and a whole lot slower.

When the Panthers traded the receiver to Buffalo, safe to say he hasn’t been missed a ton. To this Panthers fan, Benjamin is more like Benji.

39. Robber Goodell

After both Super Bowl XLIX and Super Bowl LI, some cheeky thief snuck into the Patriots locker room and managed to nab Tom Brady’s game jersey. Pats fans know that an overwhelming majority of the NFL hates New England, but there could only be one culprit willing to commit such a heinous act.

goodell brady sign

NBC Sports

Robber Roger Goodell.

Nobody’s disdain for Brady and the Pats is more glaringly obvious than the commissioner’s. The man went to the end of the earth to get Brady suspended and knowing how petty he’s been in the past, would we really put it past him to cop a jersey too?

40. Jesus, He’s Good

Wow, there he is right there, in the flesh, straight chilling with the common folk in the stands. Jesus, that’s crazy. Scratch that. Cameron Wake is GOD?! Woah. Guess we really do learn something new every day. We suppose there were signs of, like how He graced Canada with His almighty presence before joining the NFL for a Pro Bowl-laden career.

nfl sign

Sports Retriever

Nonetheless, of all the NFL teams, the last one we’d expect God to be suiting up for is the Miami Dolphins. On the other hand, He does always tend to those who need Him most. Bless His soul, and bless His son’s soul for being such an avid supporter of pops.

Sources: Pro Football ReferenceCBS Sports

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Puppy bet

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Buff Chief Wahoo

In 2016, the Cleveland Indians made an improbable run to the World Series. The team’s dominance sparked a plug of creativity within its fans, with hundreds of Cleveland’s diehards making signs and other objects to celebrate their fandom. Cleveland ultimately lost to the Chicago Cubs in the World Series, but the team’s success woke up its fan base in a way few things could.

Baseball sign funny

Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This particular sign celebrates the team’s former mascot, Chief Wahoo. Hundreds of these exact signs were made, with various captions, such as “Long live the chief” overlaid on the jersey. Though the logo is somewhat polarizing, it’s still funny to imagine the chief having such a muscular physique.

No caption needed

When you want to make a sign for a game with little notice, what do you do? That’s the question the lady pictured below was forced to ask herself, with a big poster board and no caption. If you can’t think of the perfect slogan, what do you write? “Couldn’t think of anything”? Hey, that works!

The woman’s face makes this picture 10 times better than her sign already is. It’s as if she knows millions of people are reading her sign — at the game, on TV, and even on the internet — and questioning whether she was serious or joking when she wrote the sign. The world may never know.

Ending the curse

As the saying goes, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. And when the Chicago Cubs made their run to the World Series, the team’s fans never counted out the possibility that the team would win — even when winning seemed impossible. That’s impressive, especially considering the team’s lengthy World Series drought.

Funny MLB sign

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Putting a spin on the old saying, Cubs fans held up a sign that says, “The fat lady has laryngitis!” They held up the sign as the team was leading Cleveland in the World Series, meaning the fat lady can’t sing (and the Indians can’t mount an improbable comeback). Chicago ultimately won the World Series, so the sign was right!

Trash talk

Some of the best sports signs take individual jabs at opposing players. There’s no better way to call a guy out than by putting his name on your sign. That’s exactly what one Cubs fan did when superstar Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg came to town. Strasburg was rumored to potentially miss his start due to being “under the weather,” so Cubs fans relentlessly mocked him.

Baseball sign funny

Stacy Revere via Getty Images

The look on this man’s face says it all. The smug grin about Strasburg potentially missing a game due to being sick is amazing. However, the Nationals pitcher got the last laugh, shutting out Chicago and forcing the series to go to a Game 5.


Going to a sports game with your significant other can be a fun-filled experience. But on occasion, an attractive player could catch the attention of a boyfriend or girlfriend. That was the case with one couple that attended a Boston Red Sox game, with outfielder Andrew Benintendi stealing the show.

Funny MLB sign

Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox via Getty Images

At least this girl’s boyfriend was a good sport. He made a sign hoping to catch the star player’s attention, which would give his girlfriend a chance to share eye contact with her favorite member of the Red Sox. Benintendi is one of many Red Sox players who have caught fans’ attention, especially since the team won the World Series.


Emojis have become a significant part of pop culture in recent years. Kids, especially, are huge fans of emojis. They use them more than every other demographic. So if you’re a kid and you want to make a sign for a baseball game, would you rather write out a bunch of words or use emojis? Easy answer.

Funny baseball sign

Adam Glanzman via Getty Images

Message received! That’s one way to talk down to Yankees players and fans. Just rubbing in the fact that the Red Sox are World Series champions, and New York has been less than stellar (to say the least) over the past few years. This kid gets 10 points for creativity.

Fishing for Trout

This won’t be the last sign on the list that pays homage to the unique last name of Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout. The All-Star has some of the most passionate fans of any player in sports, and many of those fans — like the creator of this sign — are women.

Funny MLB sign

Mike Ehrmann via Getty Images

It takes dedication to make a three-day trip from Los Angeles to Miami, all to “fish for Trout.” But it seems she’s been lucky enough to meet Trout twice at this point, so the trip is definitely worth it. Bonus points to her for the fishing line at the end of the bat!

Looking for her Blackbeard

Many fathers want to make sure their daughter ends up dating the right guy. For most of those fathers, it’s important their daughters don’t date guys until they reach a certain age. That’s certainly the case for one fan of the Pirates, but he makes a special exception for his daughter.

Baseball sign funny

Justin Berl via Getty Images

Of course, boys are off-limits for this dad’s daughter. But if that boy is a member of their favorite baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates? Well, then things change! It doesn’t hurt that virtually every player in the MLB is a millionaire. Member of your favorite team? Check. Rich? Check. What more can you ask for?

Make the Angels great again

Political signs can often be taboo, but one young fan of the Los Angeles Angels made a politics-inspired sign that’s absolutely hilarious. In the heat of the 2016 election, he decided to take on the theme of one of the candidates with a sign that reads, “Make the Angels great again!”

Funny baseball sign

Matt Brown/Angels Baseball LP via Getty Images

With Mike Trout and Albert Pujols, the Angels boast two of the best baseball players of the 21st century. Unfortunately, that star power hasn’t led to postseason success. With this sign, this kid is also indicating that he hopes things will change for the better for his favorite baseball team.

Trade for Trout

It’s already been mentioned, but Mike Trout is a hot commodity. Angels fans are obsessive when it comes to the team’s superstar, and that’s certainly the case with a boyfriend and girlfriend who both brought signs to a game between the Angels and Oakland A’s.

Funny MLB sign

Thearon W. Henderson via Getty Images

Not only did the couple make the trek from Anaheim to Oakland to watch their Angels play, but they also both made personalized signs for the outfielder. The girlfriend claims she’ll trade her boyfriend for Mike Trout, and her boyfriend claims he’ll trade his girlfriend to meet the superstar outfielder. At least they both know where they stand with each other!

Dear Cubs

Some fans have sky-high expectations for their team every season. To some, a winning season isn’t enough. Playoff wins aren’t enough. Only a World Series title is enough. But there are also fans who aren’t quite as demanding. To some, the simple act of not losing can be enough to carry on.

Funny baseball sign

Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

This fan isn’t alone in this sentiment. Millions of fans around the world root for teams that are perpetual cellar dwellers. For a long time, the Chicago Cubs were one of those teams. Fortunately, the team was able to reward its long-suffering fans with a World Series title in 2016.

Wings and Sox

One young Red Sox fan made a hilarious sign which seems to be more of a piece of art than a sports sign. The fan, named Ricky, put together a sign that reads, “I eat wings, go Red Sox!” He even pasted on letters to sign his latest work, “By Ricky.”

Funny MLB signs

Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Ricky’s poster is a vessel into the confusing brain of a young child, taking us back to the days where our only worries were what time recess was, what color crayons we could use, and whether our favorite baseball team would win the big game. Still, this makes for a hilarious sign.

Pie-eating contest

Traditions play a vital role in sports, especially baseball. To longtime Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, tradition means a pie in the face. For years, Jones had a tradition of delivering pies to the faces of his teammates at the end of home games in which the O’s would win on a walk-off.

Funny baseball sign

G Fiume via Getty Images

One clever Orioles fan decided he wanted in on the action. So he made a sign challenging Jones to a pie-eating contest and brought it to the game. It doesn’t appear as though Jones accepted the challenge, and now he’s manning the outfield in Arizona as a member of the Diamondbacks.

Angels in the outfield

It can’t be overstated how much fans of the Angels love Mike Trout and Albert Pujols. Sometimes it appears as though half of the fans in Los Angeles are just couples who make signs telling players how much they love them more than they love their partner! This couple is one of many in that camp.

Funny baseball signs

Matt Brown/Angels Baseball LP via Getty Images

The wife made a sign for Pujols, claiming she would leave her husband to join the first baseman’s team. The husband, on the other hand, made a sign letting Trout know he’d leave his wife for a fishy new relationship with the outfielder. These signs are sure to get the players’ attention.

Equipment swap

Game-used baseball bats are hard to come by. The bat is arguably the most valuable piece of equipment (aside from a jersey) that a player will put in his baseball bag before a big game. So given the value of bats, it’s understandable that fans would want to see if they could get their hands on one.

Funny baseball sign

Otto Greule Jr via Getty Images

That’s one way to try and get a bat! Just a one-for-one swap, the sister in exchange for the bat. This deal seems to favor the kid more than it favors his favorite Royals player, but that’s not his problem. Now he’s the kid with a game-used bat!

Tiger pope

The pope is one of the most famous people on Earth. It’s not too often fans of the Detroit Tigers see someone as famous as the pope at the game. But one day, the pope actually took a flight to Detroit to — hey, wait a minute, is that the real pope?

Baseball sign funny

Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

On second glance, this appears to be a fan dressed as the pope. Still, the terrific costume-and-sign combination deserves a spot on the list. The “Bless you boys” caption is a perfect match for the incredible costume, and it surely inspired Detroit to play some great baseball that game.

Oddly specific

Bucket lists are a good way to create a sense of purpose for your life. Many folks create lengthy bucket lists of things they want to do and places they want to see before they pass away. Usually those lists include activities like skydiving or places like the Eiffel Tower, but one baseball fan’s mother has a different list.

MLB sign funny

Tom Szczerbowski via Getty Images

The first two items on this list are pretty straightforward, but the third seems to be a bit specific. Does this guy’s mom really want a ball at this game that badly? Does she even know who Derek Jeter is? For all we know, this guy could be making the story up just so he can get a free ball!

5-tool insult

There are plenty of ways to insult someone’s intelligence, but one young Kansas City Royals fan may have discovered the best insult of all time. When San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence stepped up to the plate, the kid held up a sign that claims the MLB star eats his cereal with a fork.

Baseball sign funny

Jay Biggerstaff/TUSP via Getty Images

There isn’t a better way to insult someone’s intelligence than claim that he or she eats cereal with a fork. Even if it isn’t true, the sign just creates that association. Every time Pence’s name comes up, fans who saw the sign will now think, “There’s the guy who eats cereal with a fork!” This kid wins the battle easily.


Almost every fan sign on this list is photographed inside the stadium, but this is the one exception. Two old-timers decided to go to a baseball game, only they forgot to do one thing: buy tickets to the game. Instead, they both made signs asking for other fans to give them free tickets!

Funny MLB signs

Denis Poroy via Getty Images

Even though they’re inconsiderate, these two fans are pretty funny. The fact that it’s two old guys begging (who likely have the money to buy a ticket), rather than a couple of kids, adds a bit of humor to the situation they’re in. And who knows, maybe another fan hooked them up.

Shooting her shot

Some people go to baseball games to watch some ball, some go for the stadium eats, and some go … for other things. One fan of the Toronto Blue Jays made her baseball fandom (or lack thereof) clear on a sign that reads, “I go nuts for baseball butts.” That sign is definitely a conversation starter — hopefully with one of the players on the Jays.

MLB sign funny

Tom Szczerbowski via Getty Images

Hey, at least she’s honest! With a hilarious sign like that, she was probably a lock to end up on the Jumbotron or TV at the game she attended. It would be a massive upset to hear this sign didn’t make it onto the in-game broadcast.

More fishing for Trout

A “fishing for Trout”-style sign has already made the list, but this girl’s sign is a can’t-miss. There’s something beautiful about pasting a photo of Trout’s face on top of a fish, as well as giving a pair of angel wings to the A’s logo — all on one sign. It doesn’t necessarily look professional, but it gets the job done.

Baseball sign funny

Thearon W. Henderson via Getty Images

Judging by the look on this girl’s face, it seems like she’s making eye contact with Trout himself as this photo is being taken. An encounter with the superstar outfielder would surely make this Trout fan’s day, especially if he had anything to say about the sign!

Honorable commitment

Baseball fans — especially fans of losing teams — will make a lot of empty promises if it means their team will do better. Baseball is a game of superstition, so it wouldn’t feel right if fans didn’t do whatever it takes to try and will their team to victory. One Detroit Tigers fan is making a bold promise to help his team win.

Funny MLB sign

Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Making the commitment to not shave is tough to do, especially if that commitment isn’t broken until Detroit wins a World Series. After all, they’re one of the worst teams in baseball and don’t seem to have a bright future any time soon. Hopefully this guy’s wife is OK with him not shaving, otherwise the homelife might start to get tough.

Playing hooky

Most baseball fans hope the signs they make end up on the Jumbotron or TV, but this might be the only sign on the list where the fan hopes he doesn’t get any time on air. This young fan of the Boston Red Sox made a sign that asks the team manager to sign his school excuse slip!

MLB sign funny

Rob Carr via Getty Images

Imagine getting your excuse slip signed, only for your teacher to tell you they saw you on TV the next day in class! That would be totally embarrassing. Then again, maybe the teacher could catch the manager’s signature and recognize the name. This kid is playing with fire!

Family rivalry

Every parent wants their kids to grow up in a loving family, to get a good education, and to get a good job. But for some parents, that’s not enough. Die-hard sports fans have nightmares about their kids growing up and rooting for their rival team. Parents want to be able to cheer for the same team as their kids.

Funny baseball sign

Doug Pensinger via Getty Images

This girl took her parents’ fandom into consideration and even made an apology sign, asking for their forgiveness for dating a fan of the Chicago Cubs! At least her boyfriend seems to have a good attitude about it. Those family dinners are sure to be interesting.

Crisis in Chicago

It’s hard to master a baseball sign that incorporates both the sport and politics. Often, signs like these can come off as too divisive, too opinionated, or just outright insensitive. But one fan of the Chicago Cubs took on the challenge and made a hilarious sign that pokes fun at her team in a great way.

Cubs fan sign

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

She wrote “the only thing worse than the economy are the Cubs.” And that may have been true when this sign was created, seeing as how Chicago held the record for the longest title drought in all of baseball. The Cubs hadn’t won a championship in 108 years. But fortunately for this fan, the drought came to a close in 2016.

Giant trash talk

Baseball players strike out all the time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t despise it every time it happens. What’s worse than striking out? Striking out, only to walk back to the dugout and see a fan taunting you after you swung and missed! This fan of the San Francisco Giants was in the Philadelphia Phillies’ heads all game long!

Giants fan sign

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

There’s nothing like the look on a fan’s face when they know they’ve had an impact on the game. Usually, players are able to ignore trash talk from fans, but this woman’s sign takes trash talk to a completely different level. The Phillies’ batters were probably happy when this game finally ended.

Clear intentions

There are plenty of reasons to go to a professional baseball game. The food is delicious, views of the city are incredible, the sport itself is great and ballparks provide an amazing family experience. But one night, two fans headed down to a game for a pretty unique reason: they wanted to find Mr. Right.

MLB fans sign

(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Let’s be honest here: Playing the outfield would be pretty distracting with these two holding up their sign and hollering every time a player comes in their direction! Hopefully they found their match — it doesn’t seem too crazy to think a match could be made at an MLB game!


Alex Rodriguez is one of the most controversial athletes in MLB history. The longtime New York Yankees slugger was an incredible player, but he was also notorious for his use of steroids — to the point where he even admitted his use after the fact. To say Rodriguez was despised by fans of the Yankees’ rival Red Sox would be putting it lightly.

Red Sox fan sign

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Rodriguez has since reconciled with his past and even become a star broadcaster in the booth, but that doesn’t change how funny this sign is! This Red Sox fan will remind Rodriguez that he can’t escape from his past for the rest of time.

Ready for a change

For decades, the Philadelphia Phillies were the class of major league baseball. They won their division five years in a row and even won a World Series in 2008. So to say expectations are high in Philadelphia would be an understatement. When new manager Gabe Kapler got off to a slow start, fans were quick to turn on him.

Phillies fan sign

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

In an interview, Kapler said that the team is feeling the sting of not making the playoffs, but he also reassured that he’s the best man for the job. One fan who is clearly unhappy with the manager’s performance roasted him with his hilarious sign, using Kapler’s own quote against him!