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These NFL Players Need A Change Of Scenery Next Season

After one of the most memorable NFL seasons in a long time, the offseason rears its ugly head. These next few months determine the fate of many on and off the field. Many players are scared of losing momentum and being cut from their squad. These 10 players need to jump ship to another team in order to better their career.

Tyrod Taylor

Bills coach Sean McDermott completely ignored the talents of Tyrod Taylor last season. Benching Taylor halfway through the season was a complete downer for the whole team. The QB, who has thrown for nearly 10,000 yards, would be better suited in Chicago.

Kevin Hoffman

Muhammad Wilkerson

New Jersey native Muhammad Wilkerson has all the talent in the world. He just hasn’t been able to show it with the Jets. The defensive end might find his contributions valued more on another team.

Adam Hunger

Corey Coleman

All eyes are on Corey Coleman, who dropped a crucial pass that concluded the Browns’ 0-16 season. The 23-year-old still has years to go in his career, though. Literally any other team can turn his luck around.

Joshua Gunter

Tom Savage

Last year, Tom Savage put up major passing yards with the Texans. Unfortunately, he closed out the year placed on injured reserve. Joining his hometown team the Philadelphia Eagles could bring a major boost to his performance.

Michael Conroy

Aaron Colvin

Cornerback Aaron Colvin has all the necessary tools to be a threat on the field. Unfortunately, a dire financial situation might see him cut from the Jaguars. But not to worry; any team looking for a powerhouse CB will be in heaven with Colvin.

Sam Greenwood

C.J. Anderson

After the Broncos’ horrendous season, C.J. Anderson is looking to go elsewhere. The running back can make his way to the Dolphins, who wanted him on their squad back in 2016.

Matthew Stockman

Eli Apple

Eli Apple had one of the worst seasons ever, and we’re not just talking about stats. His arguments with teammates and the coaching staff made headlines. While Apple has talent, he needs to be with a no-nonsense team such as the 49ers in order to succeed.

Andrew Mills

Mike Glennon

Last season, Mike Glennon saw his time as starting QB come to an end with the Bears. His talents can be better utilized with the Titans or Browns.

Terrence Antonio James

Ameer Abdullah

Ameer Abdullah was the Lions’ leading rusher last season with 552 yards and four touchdowns. Unfortunately, his time on the field will be cut short, as GM Bob Quinn wants a new RB. The 49ers and Browns are prime choices where Abdullah could expand his skills.

Rebecca S. Gratz

Coby Fleener

Tight end Coby Fleener failed to do anything last season with the Saints. The Illinois native showed promise with the Colts, but he lost the spark. A trade to the Jets or Jaguars could lift him up.

Chuck Cook


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