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New NFL Safety Rule is Changing How the Game is Played

A new safety rule has just been recently released by the NFL Committee to ensure that every player is safe during a gameplay. The guideline on helmet shots has been originally planned with an emphasis on creating new guidelines, but the committee deemed it was appropriate to adjust actual rules causing concussion among NFL players.

According to reports from Sports Illustrated, NFL Competition Committee Head Rich McKay said after the announcement that the new guideline is a “substantial change” for the whole sports. He also reiterated how certain guidelines and rules in the previous years has been regulatory for specific instances, and explained, “We need to get out of situational protection and protect the players at all times.”

While this seems to be a great idea following the concussion crisis that plagued the game over decades ago, most players found it confusing. Even Josh Norman Washington Redskin’s cornerback said in an interview, “I don’t know how you’re going to play the game.”

The committee plans to make the new guidelines clear for every NFL player these coming weeks. They also have plans to enlighten everyone as the new safety rule is expected to make a big change in the language and how the game is played. Issues such as quarterbacks leaning for offensive dives, helmet-to-helmet contacts, diving tackles, and other important problems concerning player safety will be discussed.

On a more important note, this is seen as a bold move on the part of the NFL owners as they responded on the accounts of a player’s safety. Rather than putting it out for public opinion, the NFL Committee is making a huge change in a player’s safety.

The new NFL rule is a response to the constant problem of player’s suffering from concussions largely due to helmet contacts among players. Enforcement of the new rule will not take effect until the guideline has been clearly detailed, and even what an offense will be called.