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NBA Draft Busts Who Went On To Score Great Jobs

For many professional athletes, if they fail in their chosen sport, they can end up out in the cold with nothing to show for it. But that’s not what happened to these former NBA players. Each of them turned out to be a terrible draft pick, but now all of them have great jobs and easy lives. Sometimes you have to wait to be a winner, right?

Jason Jay Williams Is A Basketball Analyst

Duke Basketball Report

A motorbike accident saw this 2002 Bulls pick drummed out of the NBA. Now, Williams gets paid by ESPN to watch and comment on the game.

Bobby Hurley Is A Head Coach

Sporting News

Hurley’s huge college success turned into nothing for the Kings from 1993 to 1997. However, as head coach for the Arizona State Sun Devils, Hurley is carving out some success.

Bill Wennington Is A Radio Commentator


After the Dallas Mavericks drafted him in 1985, Bill Wennington proved to be a useful but unspectacular player. His played his last season in the league with the Bulls and now works for them as a radio commentator.

Adam Morrison Is A Wise Investor

Dead Seriousness

Adam Morrison understood he was living the dream. He invested his NBA earnings wisely and despite being a huge draft bust, he’s set for life now. Smart guy. Terrible baller.

Eric Montross Is A Color Commentator For The Tar Heels

Tar Heel Blog

The Boston Celtics took him ninth overall in 1994, but nobody remembers Eric Montross’ contribution to the team. However, now he’s a well-known and popular commentator for the UNC Tar Heels. Montross also does charity work for Vaccine Ambassadors.

Todd Fuller Is A Math Teacher

Bison Illustrated

Math teachers are at the top of their game, and that’s where Todd Fuller ended up after leaving the Golden State Warriors. They even passed on Kobe Bryant for his services too! Today, Fuller also selects scholarship candidates for NCSU in his spare time.

Mateen Cleaves Is A Music Talent Manager And Sports Analyst


Normally, holding two job titles might suggest that Mateen Cleaves’ post-NBA career has been as bad as his six seasons in the league. As it turns out though, Cleaves works for CBS Sports and makes a lot of money.

Greg Oden Manages OSU Buckeyes

Sports Illustrated

Greg Oden is the biggest draft bust in NBA history. He never even played a game for the 2007 Portland Trail Blazers. Now, he’s studying at Ohio State is the Buckeyes’ manager in his spare time.

Danny Ferry Works For The New Orleans Pelicans

Capital Gazette

Maybe Danny Ferry will finally succeed in his second NBA career. After being picked by the San Antonio Spurs in 2000, Ferry retired in obscurity three years later. He’s now a special adviser to the New Orleans Pelicans GM Dell Demps.

Patrick O’Bryant Is A Private Coach

At The Hive

In 2006, the Golden State Warriors picked up Patrick O’Bryant. They noticed he wasn’t improving and dumped him. Now, O’Bryant works as a private coach for CoachUp in Las Vegas.

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