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Jose Mourinho Says Manchester United Isn’t Ready to Yield Premier League Title to Manchester City Just Yet

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho refused to yield the Premier League title to Manchester City as he promised that they will continue fighting until the end.


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Mourinho Takes it One Match at a Time

Machester City’s win on Saturday against Tottenham on a score of 4-1 had oddsmakers thinking that the race is over even if United defeated West Brom 2-1 and cut the lead to 11 points.

But Mourinho told reporters that they are taking the season one game at a time. After a win, they are happy and whatever happens afterwards is out of their control. He said that it has always been their approach to try to win every match.

“If you ask that question to us and then you do the same question to the third and the fourth and to the fifth and sixth, probably they disappear, on their holidays,” he said. “We don’t want to go on holiday, we want to play until the last match.”


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“December Injuries” Keep Popping Up to Plague ManU

But United has their work cut out for them. One of their key players, Antonio Valencia, was recently sidelined with a hamstring injury. It’s not clear yet whether or not he will be able to play in the quarterfinals on Wednesday.

The coach said every team is feeling the fatigue from a grueling season. He called Valencia’s hamstring problem as a “December injury,” and nobody is immune from it.

Spanish midfielder Juan Mata also wrote in a blog post that they are not about to look at the chances they missed by a few lost games. But the two victories over Bournemouth and West Brom showed the character of the players who proved that there’s no quit in them.


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ManU Chases Manchester City

“It may sound like a cliché, but in a month with nine fixtures to play, your goal is to stay absolutely focused on the next game, in order to win it with the utmost professionalism and effectiveness,” he added.

After facing Bristol City on Wednesday, United will then clash with Leicester City, Burnley and Southampon to try to chase Manchester City.

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