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Miracle Team Captain Mike Eruzione’s Hockey Stick Sells for $290,000

The hockey stick that Mike Eruzione used for the winning goal against a much stronger Soviet team in the Olympics in 1980 was sold for $290,000 to a private collector.

Interestingly enough, it was 38 years ago when the game that was to become known as the “Miracle on Ice” was held.

The sale was facilitated by SCP Auctions and the private collect asked to remain anonymous.

David Kohler of SCP Auctions said that the information about the ice being available for sale was distributed to his best customers. Aside from the historical value of the stick, since it was the one used to score the winning goal, the fact that the Olympics is being held in PyeongChang, South Korea at the time of the sale added to the value.

The hockey stick was first bought in 2013 from the Heritage Auctions. The selling price back then was $262,900.

According to the auction description, the item itself still held the original grip tape. Eruzione’s name can be seen on both sides of the stick. The team captain scribbled, “February 22 1980 USA 4 Russia 3″ and “Winning Goal Stick Against Russia.”

The stick also contained Eruzione’s signature along with another scribble, “1980 Gold.”

A movie about the game was released in 2004. It was titled “Miracle” and starred Kurt Russell as coach Herb Brooks. Patrick O’Brien Demsey played Eruzione in the film.

That game was branded by the media as a “Miracle on Ice” and there was no exaggeration on that phrase. The US team members back then were composed of college players and they were facing a juggernaut in the Soviet team in Lake Placid New York.

Winner of four Olympic gold medals heading into the game, the Soviet team then was supposed to be invincible. In fact, they haven’t lost a game since 1968. In the end, however, they fell in the hands of the Americans at the height of the Cold War on a score of 4-3.