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Mike Zimmer on 2018 NFL Draft: Get a Good Quarterback or Get Fired

The pressure is on for Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft: pick a good quarterback or get shown the pink slip.

In an interview with reporters during the sports combine, he said that the worst thing he could do is pick the wrong quarterback for the Vikings.

“It’s hard to win in this league without a quarterback,” he said. “If you pick the wrong one, this whole thing can go downhill.”

He said it’s crucial for him and general manager Rick Spielman to select the right player in the NFL Draft that is going to help them in the championship goals.

“If we don’t do that, then I’ll probably be fired,” he joked.

However, doing just that armed with just butter knives is going to be a very difficult task. Zimmer conceded that money is going to be an issue when they try to get free agents to come play for the Vikings.

If they bid for Kirk Cousins, then the Vikings are looking at around $30 million annually, which means other areas of their game will suffer. One thing that Zimmer will never compromise is the team defense, which allowed the team to eke out some games they didn’t deserve winning. Last season, the Vikings were the top-ranked defensive team.

He said they were playing as a team since 2014, which allowed them to win 39 games during that span.

“Let’s make sure we keep understanding the team is why we have done good things,” he added. “You just have to pick out the right [quarterback] that’s going to help your football team the best.”

The mock drafts, however, had the Vikings picking Will Hernandez of UTEP or Connor Williams of the University of Texas to boost the offensive line. It seems the mock drafts expect the team to go after Kirk Cousins to address their quarterback needs.