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Why Mike Gundy Gets More Attention Than Any Other Coach In College Football

It’s incredible what a big sport college football is and while it remains a huge draw with the crowds; it’s going to attract some characters to the game. We think that out of all the coaches in the game, Mike Gundy is by far the most interesting and here’s why.

Most Importantly, He’s A Winner

Bleacher Report

You can’t be an interesting coach if you can’t win games. Then you’re just a failure under the microscope. But with five double-digit winning seasons under his belt, Gundy’s a winner.

He’s A Realist And That Makes HIm Likeable


Gundy’s not a man given to flights of fancy. His objective in Ohio was to build a team that was consistently in the Top 25 and to develop players with NFL potential. He’s succeeded admirably.

He Stripped For Bob Stoops

SB Nation

You can’t be interesting if you won’t have fun. Recently Gundy stripped, on video, for Bob Stoops’ retirement party. It pulled in a lot of laughs.

He Also Got Half-Naked At A Pep Rally

Pistols Firing

So, yeah, Mike Gundy has some form for taking off his clothes as you can see from footage at an Oklahoma State Pep Rally where he ditched his shirt to the roar of the crowd.

He Was Also Happy To Wear A Singlet For Solidarity


Mike Gundy is a team player. Even when that team is the Oklahoma State wrestling team. He put on a singlet to show solidarity with the college wrestlers.

He Beat The Bad Guys


Sports Illustrated alleged Mike Gundy had been cheating the football system. A full inquiry completely exonerated him and dozens of people came forward to pour scorn on the SI story.

He Has A Million Dollar Mullet


Gundy’s bad hair is so famous that he’s been dubbed the “million dollar mullet.” We imagine that once your mullet is your trademark, you don’t cut it off.

He Delivered The Best Season For The Oklahoma State Cowboys

Football Scoop

Gundy gave The Oklahoma State Cowboys an incredible season in 2008. He saw them deliver a Top 15 performance and took them to the Holiday Bowl.

He Was A Great College Footballer Too


In 1986, long before he began a coaching career, Mike Gundy was nominated the player of the year for Oklahoma during his stint of college ball.

He’s Staying Around


Mike Gundy’s going to remain the most interesting coach in college ball for at least the next 5 years as he’s just signed an extension with Oklahoma State to do so.

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