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The Most Memorable Throwback Jerseys In The NBA

With modern kit manufacturers spending a lot of money on marketing, an NBA team’s look is always being reinvented and it’s almost always stylish. It wasn’t always that way, and many older jerseys just don’t make the fashion grade anymore. However, we’ve found 10 throwback jerseys that are as good today as they were back then. Check them out.

The New York Nets’ Patriotic Movement

Hoops Habit

The year was 1975 and the New York Nets were all dressed up in the red, white, and blue. They were a proud American basketball team.

The Verve Of The Vancouver Grizzlies

Back Of The Jersey

They weren’t to everyone’s tastes, but these Vancouver Grizzlies’ numbers were 100% distinctive. The 1990s really rocked it when it came to jerseys.

The Colors Of The Nuggets

Denver Stiffs

Before the rainbow belonged to the LGBTQ movement, it belonged to the Denver Nuggets and it looked fantastic! We’d love to see this make a comeback.

The Golden State Warriors’ Golden Moment

Basket Inside

This uniform carried the Golden State Warriors through the 1960s and 1970s and it was wonderful. Look at how well fitting it is! That’s class.

The Old Blue Magic

Sports Illustrated

This pin-stripe made famous in the days of Shaquille O’Neal was a pure win for the Orlando Magic team. This is the best of the 90s.

The Timberwolves Go Teen Wolf

The Southern

This is such a metal band-looking jersey that it should never have worked, but it did. The Timberwolves crossed their style with Teen Wolf and looked great!

The Speed Of Style With The SuperSonics

Sonics Rising

They’re the Oklahoma City Thunder now and we’re never going to see this jersey ever again. That’s a real shame because it made the 2000’s certifiably cool.

Detroit Pistons: Definitely Distinctive

Detroit Bad Boys

You can love these or hate them but you absolutely can’t say that the Detroit Pistons’ old school jerseys weren’t memorable and that’s why they made our list.

The Chicago Bulls’ Chicest Moment


This looks like it came out of the 1980’s TV series Fame (and it certainly belongs to the era), but you can’t go wrong with red, white, and black, and the Chicago Bulls didn’t.

The Purple Raptor Style


Some people weren’t keen on the purple but we think this Raptor’s jersey is easily one of the most memorable in history. Don’t you?

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